“So the boss,Sorry,Everything else is easy to say,But only to let Mahmud go,Forgive me!”
“Yes,I can’t do this!Mr. Joe,Please don’t embarrass us!”Prince Shahid and Monica also expressed their opinions,Collectively rejected Qiao Tianyu’s request。
“Hahaha.”Seeing that my request was rejected by everyone,Qiao Tianyu is not only not upset,But suddenly raised his head and laughed。
And Qiao Tianyu laughed,I laughed till my face burst into tears,I really can’t stand up,So that everyone in the room looked at each other,Don’t know what happened?
Is it possible that Qiao Tianyu is too glassy,Can’t stand being rejected and get mad?
First0398chapter Extreme reversal
“old.Boss,you.Why are you laughing?Don’t you scare us.”
Everyone present was terrified by Qiao Tianyu’s laugh,No one dares to come up and ask the situation,Andre had to be bold,Walk to Qiao Tianyu,Try to ask。
“Hahaha,Andre ah Andre,I guess all of you think that Qiao Tianyu is here to beg you today?Hahaha.”Qiao Tianyu is still smiling。
“difficult.Is not it?”Everyone in the room looked at each other again,This is not a louse on the monk’s head—Something obvious??
“of course not!”Qiao Tianyu suddenly stopped the terrifying laughter,Wiped tears from the corner of his eyes,Said seriously,“I’m here to save you this time!”
“Save us?Hahaha.”I heard Qiao Tianyu’s ridiculous quotes,Everyone present was taken aback,Then everyone burst into laughter almost at the same time。
Everyone thought that Qiao Tianyu was after being rejected,Strong words!
“Hahaha,Boss,Don’t make trouble!Hahaha.”Andre was also laughing backwards,Pat Qiao Tianyu on the shoulder and laughed disdainfully。
“Whoops,It seems that everyone still can’t believe me, Qiao Tianyu!”Qiao Tianyu smiled bitterly and walked back to the sofa while shaking his head,Take out the photo I just took in the second-story building from my pocket,Threw it on the coffee table,“Everyone take a look at this!”
“what?”Everyone was attracted by the photos thrown by Qiao Tianyu,Rushed over and took the photo and looked at it carefully for a while,As a mother, Monica quickly recognized her son’s profile from the photo。
“Harita!”Monica was surprised to point to the boy on the photo and said,“Isn’t this my harita?”
“Harita?”Andre also recognized Prince Harita in the photo,Even more surprised。