“Just follow your path,do not speak。”Yu Ge still holds her hand。
They have been walking for several minutes,Xia Yueshu couldn’t help but look back,I vaguely saw the girl standing there under the lamp,But I can’t see clearly,At this moment,Yu Gecai let go of Xia Yueshu’s hand,“Sorry,Sorry,Xia Shuyue,I……”
108 Will count
“do not talk,I know,That girl looks like you very much,Why are you doing this to her?She is too sane,So sad,I didn’t even ask you a word,Did not cry,That’s too pitiful。”
Yu Ge did not speak,There is too much helplessness on my face,Sad。
Xia Shuyue said again,“I can tell,You like her too,Why aren’t you together。”
After a long time,Yu Ge took a breath,Just said,“That’s the old thing。”
“You are avoiding feelings and heart,There should be a story between you。”Xia Yueshu stood in front of Yu Ge,Look at him。
There is sadness on Yu Ge’s face,Low voice,“it will be pass away,it will be pass away,Everything will pass,Long time,She would forget me,I believe。”
Xia Shuyue doesn’t understand,Obviously Yu Ge likes that girl,But why should she forget herself,“I can see that she is a good girl,Looks very pure。”
“Correct,Very pure,good girl,She is excellent,Not good for optics,Can sing and dance,People are also very gentle,A college student like you,Unfortunately……”Yu Ge sighed。
“I think you are a good match,You should fight for it,She has feelings for you。”
Yu Ge shook his head sadly,“Useless,It’s useless to fight,The gap in our family conditions is too big。”
Xia Yueshu and Yu Ge have known each other for a while,They keep talking about photography、Talk about advertising design,This is the first time I have talked about personal matters。
“As long as you love each other,Family conditions are not a problem。”Xia Shuyue said naively。