Sometimes women’s minds are really small,The small one is like a pinhole。Don’t look at the relationship between Ouyang Hong and Yao Junli on weekdays is as close as sisters,Especially after He Jing left,Their relationship is even better。
But in terms of feelings,Ouyang Hong has always been very strong,Doesn’t give Yao Junli any face。And Yao Junli knows in her heart,She is a married woman,Her relationship with Xia Jian,To put it nicely is to be a confidant。She knew that she and Xia Jian had no results,Two people are happy together。
So Yao Junli’s attitude towards Xia Jian,Obviously inferior to Ouyang Hong。But things in the world,Not everything goes well。Even if Ouyang Hong once held Xia Jian very tight,Didn’t miss it in the end。
Ouyang Hong is a very conceited person,I would rather Xia Jian marry someone else,I can’t marry her classmate Yao Junli。This is a balanced psychological effect。
Calm down,Ouyang Hong also realized that she was a little impulsive just now,It was Yao Junli’s gaffe that stimulated her,Let her see,Xia Jian and Yao Junli became a couple in a blink of an eye。
Because Xia Jian personally told her,There is no possibility for him and Yao Junli in this life。
“All right!Let’s not talk about these bad things。Whatever you want to do with Yao Junli in the future,Have nothing to do with me。Let me talk about,What do you run up all night to do?Official or private?”Ouyang Hong is the one who does big things after all,She quickly emerged from her personal emotions。
Xia Jian casually said:“Of course it’s official”
“Oh!What is so anxious?Is it done??”Ouyang Hong asked calmly。
Xia Jiangang wants to say,But when he remembered Xiong Lan’s advice,He closed his mouth immediately。He hesitated and said:“It’s hard to say now”
“What are you talking about?All right,Since I can’t say,I won’t ask。I was here to accompany Yao Junli,Now you come,Leave this task to you!”Ouyang Hong smiled slightly,Stood up。