[] [Font size] [] After more than two months of intense preparation, November 15th, the Beijing Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as "North Exchange") beat the market.

The first batch of 81 companies, more than 400 million investors, brokers, public ownership funds were witnessed, and participated in the historical moment of the Chinese capital market.

  From the first day of the North Exchange, three keywords, etc.

  First, steady.

Whether it is the market trading or the amount of energy, the first day of the North Exchange reflects a smooth character.

Statistics found that Monday, 81 stock total turnover (including large transactions) Da million, the average turnover of each stock is 100 million yuan (excluding 3 due to the stock of the transfer process).

  Analysts said this volume indicated that the overall North Exchange’s liquidity disturbance is not large, less than 10 billion yuan, the total turnover of 10 billion yuan, is concerned about the level of trillion yuan in the total number of other sectors. It does not constitute an impact. Second, stop.

It can be seen that in the first trading day of the Beijiao, the most eye-catching is undoubtedly "N", the new shaft camp started, after opening, 10 new shares all open, soon, due to 10 new shares, the price increases 30%, all stop. After 10 minutes, 10 new shares continued to soar and resumed again.

As of the closing, 10 new shares have increased by 100%, and all of the disc will trigger twice. Third, differentiation. It can be seen that 81 stocks have differentiated market performances.

  Different from the strong performance of the new shares, stocks from the selection of layers to the North Exchange rose to mutual (eliminating 3 suspensable stocks), only 9 stocks have achieved rising, and the remaining stocks fell.

  In this regard, the insiders have said that the Beijiao Institute is different from the Baochuangboard, the GEM, the first batch of 81 listed enterprises, the original selection of 71 storage companies, also have the North Exchange Office 10 incremental companies applied for IPO, two parts of stock expressions are therefore greatly different. In addition, since 10 new stocks listed on the North Exchange did not have a rise in the first day, this has become the focus of all parties concerned. According to the statistics of the same flush data, 10 "new show" transactions on the first day of the first day showed "six most": 1. of the first, the closing price of Jing Sai Technology is the highest. As of the closing, 10 new shares average the average price of Yuan, among them, the crystal game technology, Hanxin Technology, Earth Electric, China Shares, etc. The closing price is 30 yuan and more. The design price is the lowest in the market.

  Second, the local electrical turnover is the most, and it is 100 million yuan.

As of the closing, 10 new stocks totaled a total of 100 million yuan. In addition, the turnover of China’s share is at least 100 million yuan.

  Third, the concentric transmission rate is the highest, reaches. As of the closing, 10 new shares will be changed in more than 40%, and the average change rate is%.

The high-tech rate in Guangdao is the lowest,%.

  Fourth, the latest dynamic P / E ratio of concentric transmission is the highest, Dafa.

As of the closing, 10 new stocks of new stocks are average, and Zhizheng information is the lowest. Fifth, the total market value of Jingting Technology has the highest market value. As of the closing, 10 new shares count the total market value of 100 million yuan, of which the total market value of Henghe Shares is the lowest price. Sixth, concentric transmission has risen the maximum, as of the closing increase, the disk has increased over 500%, firmly occupying the top of the new shares. On Monday, the new stocks of 10 North Exchange have risen all the lines, as of the closing, 10 new shares have increased by 100%, and the average increase is up to. From a historical experience, the phenomenon of new stocks has increased significantly.

Statistics show that On July 22, 2019, 25 shares closed on the first day of Kechuang Board averaged average. In addition, on August 24, 2020, the first batch of 18 companies under the reform of GEM reform and pilot registration also increased the average daily increase of 212%. In this regard, the insiders said that accompanying more investors in the future, the transaction activity of the listed company in the North Exchange is expected to increase. For a long time, the listed companies on the North Exchange may have differentiated trends, and it is recommended to pay attention to the industry leading enterprises to conduct value investment. For the Outcombess Investment Opportunities, the Chief Analyst of the Merchants Securities Strategy, Zhang Xia, told the "Securities Daily" reporter, the overall number of listed companies in Beijiao, will fully benefit from my country’s economic structure transition and upgrade, future will Become a beneficiary.

(Editor: Sun Dan).