Throughout today’s auto market, the market pattern has already quietly changed, and more excellent independent brands are breaking the inherent cognition of joint ventures, and create a new world in the field of subdivision. [China Net] Along with the explosive growth of China’s car insurance, consumers value the car ownership rate is also more and more value, and everyone is more "picky" in this business. So, what kind of car can meet the needs of consumers? In the eyes of the author, the brand, the product is bored, and the service is blessing, such a model can be favored by consumers. Throughout today’s car market, the market pattern has also been quietly changed, and more excellent independent brands are breaking the inherent cognition of joint ventures, and create a new world in the field of segment. Recently, Beijing off-road is awarded! On the 2021 China Auto Accounting Rate List, the 2021 China Auto Accounting Rate List jointly released with 58 cars, Yuxin used car, Beijing off-road, the second and bj40 "Compact SUV Level Self-brand First". This is also the recognition of consumers after the 2021 Car User Satisfaction Evaluation Grand Prize, Beijing off-road, once again relying on professional, reliable product quality and intimate service capabilities. A hard-selling off-road vehicle can be able to kill the heavy in the compact SUV red sea market? Throughout the 2021 China Auto Accounting Rate List, BJ40 defeated Haval H6, Changan CS75 and other best-selling models, "the" independent brand compact SUV level "is the top, and it has become a big highlight. You know, as the most competitive sector competition in China’s SUV market, the compact SUV market is the place where the soldiers must fight. So, as a off-road vehicle, what protrudes with BJ40? In the eyes of the author, the counterattack of the black horse is not accidental.

Starting from BJ212, Beijing off-road has gone through more than 60 years of years, with deep technological accumulation and rich experience in off-road vehicles, and has always adhered to professional off-road and deep farming technology, develop off-road culture with the majority of riders, and continuous expansion Off-road vehicle market.

Second, in the era of post-epidemic, Beijing off-road is well versed consumer demand.

Since 2020, the repetue of the epidemic has a profound impact on domestic auto consumption, the user’s consumption psychology, consumer demand, the transformation and upgrading of consumption habits, and the improvement of the quality of life brings "camping heat", so that the off-road vehicle has become the most Popular segments. By August this year, in the case of the overall increase of the multiplist, Beijing off-road increased by 71% year-on-day, and the increase of nearly six times the overall market. Among them, the market share of the BJ40 series in the off-road vehicle market has long been more than 25%. It can be seen that the profound brand accumulation, huge user base and insurance, and the health price system, the stable terminal price, which has laid a solid foundation for the BJ40 preserved rate.

"Scarce + Reliable" is the BJ40’s winning method, the iron, I need it hard. Behind the gratifying results, the fact that the BJ40 series itself "strive" does not ignore.

As we all know, compared to the ordinary city SUV, the reliability and excellent passage of off-road vehicles are the foundation of all difficult terrain.

At the beginning of the BJ40, he inherited the non-carrier body of the military vehicle, the hard-working four-wheel drive, the mechanical difference lock, even if it experienced various complex road conditions, there is still excellent mechanical stability and reliability. Not only that, BJ40 has always adhered to the "five high-grade drought" test standards, that is, at a high temperature of over 50 ° C, 95% high humidity, 50% cold, 5% higher salt corrosion, super 5380 meters high altitude, and four The indifference of the drought environment brings to the limit environment to ensure the vehicle adapts to various extreme conditions.

In the detail of the vehicle, the maximum pressure of the BJ40 roof is about 48mm, which is much smaller than the 127mm required for the national standard, the roof pressure rigidity 22240n /, equivalent to toning pressure is a multiplication of national regulations.

In addition, BJ40 is still 200,000 domestic off-road vehicles, the only original factory with rolling beams.

It is therefore "Bao Yingliang", in the past few years, BJ40 users roll from the hillside of up to 50 meters and no hidden miracles.

Coupled with rich version, BJ40 car has a diversified choice such as long axis, short axis, gasoline, diesel, and official reform, especially the diesel version of the heroes and pay tribute 2020, which is undoubtedly a single level. The existence, the long distance of diesel is crossing, which can meet the long-distance needs of the mountainous enthusiasts. The 2020 version of the short axis model is short and delicate, which is convenient to shuttle in the jungle and through a complex cross-country terrain. Because it is scarce, it has become the object of everyone. All of the above suggest that the technical accumulation and endless pursuit of quality, the BJ40 has not only formed off-road performance, but also for all product camps of different off-road users, and many more tests that transcend industry standards are also super high durability and reliable. Sex a book. The user is the largest core asset of Beijing 2021 China Auto Accounting Rate List is the endorsement of Beijing off-road brand strength and BJ40 hard core quality.

At the same time, Beijing off-road has been committed to leading the development of off-road vehicles, and brands and users are used as core assets by creating "Vietnam Circles".

Through continuous development of the circle, Beijing off-road has established a complete set of complete experience closed loops, from the line of the aircraft app to the off-road station, off-road town, Beijing off-road is committed to continuous upgrading of the experience, clearing the user, unnecessary Difficulties. At the same time, Beijing off-road also has built a "Yue Yin League", with a series of off-road scenarios, combined with a series of brands such as outdoor products, Wenbao, modification, launched "100 million pet powder" plans, all-round "intervene" owners The wilderness, the most popular ecosystem of the Vietnam. On the construction and promotion of the off-road culture, Beijing off-road passed the big country IP of China Aerospace and Everest measurement, and pulled high-profile culture in China’s popularization promotion, shaping the high-level lifestyle template, further enhanced the pride of users. I deeply interpreted the "glory moment, there is always Beijing" brand connotation. In the largest users of China’s largest user base, plus 200 certified professional off-road clubs, Beijing off-road has built high-quality user circles.

This also means that many transactions occur in the user in the transactions of the BJ40 used car and off-road modification products.

The high-circulation transactions between this acquaintance have deepened trust, driving the prosperity of the aircraft, so that more friends who love off-road can buy the favorite product, further promotion of the BJ40 preserved rate.

It can be seen that the BJ40 series has become "financial products" in the off-road vehicle market in the Yuefang family brand, the product strength hard core, and the product strength. I believe that there will be more and more friends to join the cross-country, enjoy cross-country, love off-road, Beijing off-road will also have long-term unswervingly as a core asset of the brand, and constantly promote off-road cultural development, leading the off-road technology progress, and uses users to build Urban ecology.