Li Kum Kee further intensified about 2 million yuan in materials to support the front line of anti-epidemic
Sauna, Yewang learned on March 13 that the condiment company Li Jinji started the third round of the new coronary pneumonia disease prevention action, and it has survived more than 1 to the frontline medical personnel and epidemic prevention personnel in Jiangmen, Guangdong.40,000 servings of sauce products.So far, Li Kum Kee’s second and third round of surpassed 2 million supplies have been delivered.It is understood that during the epidemic situation, Li Jinji learned of the needs of the frontline medical staff to fight against the epidemic, and donated 2 million yuan to the Jiangmen Central Hospital of Guangdong through the Guangdong Jiangmen Charity Association to support the epidemic.Subsequently, Li Kum Kee started the second round of gradual donation of 2,360 boxes of white vinegar to the Red Cross Society of Xinhui District, Jiangmen City to support the prevention of respiratory diseases.Li Jinji ‘s third round of anti-malarial disease was sent to two new coronary pneumonia designated hospitals in Jiangmen City, the hospitals in Xinhui District, the township hospitals, and the frontline epidemic prevention staff in Guifeng Summit City Community in Xinhui District, and through Jiangmen Women ‘s Federation JiangmenThe total number of donations from the medical teams to the Hubei medical team and the frontline medical staff exceeded 1%.40,000 servings of sauce products.Sauna, Yewang learned that in the end, Li Jinji gradually gave up about 2 million yuan worth of materials in the second and third rounds, and all the materials have been delivered.Sauna, Ye Wang Liu Huan Picture Source Corporate Image Editor Li Yan proofreading Chen Diyan