Fortunately, this throw is just a flat push,Not straight up and down,So the fall is not too heavy。But Rao is so,Still shocked the audience screamed。
Before Liu Yi got up,This time Chen Guanfeng was the first to start。
“ended!”Chen Guanfeng roared,Speed burst,I caught up with Liu Yi in an instant。
And at this time Liu Yi hasn’t got up completely。
I saw Chen Guanfeng in the process of running,Jerk up,Hit Liu Yi’s head hard。
Bang!Liu Yi was hit by this fierce knee,Slammed straight out。
Suddenly there was silence in the surrounding stands,Because no one thought,Chen Guanfeng’s shots turned out to be fierce。
Even Xu Hong couldn’t turn his eyes off,I couldn’t help but take a breath。
Just now he was clamoring for one to fight two,Now it seems,Chen Guanfeng alone is extremely difficult to deal with,Bad job,Even I will capsize in the gutter。
It’s not that this person’s moves are so sharp,But his stamina is too strong,Huge explosive。
The knee bump just now,The most terrifying thing is that it combines the reaction force of pushing the ground,And his momentum,Such an exaggerated blow hit the human head,You are lucky if you don’t shock on the spot。
Chen Guanfeng, who blasted this knee, did not pursue the victory,exactly,The high explosive action just now,Made him feel a little tired。
This trick is that he is in his home country,Learned from a traditional martial artist,The other party once said,This trick plus his super human energy,By surprise,Even a real Lianjiazi can fall down on one knee,So he is confident,The other party should be unable to get up。
But I didn’t expect,After Liu Yi was hit and flew,A one-handed support on the ground gets up。
And the movements are very smooth,As if for fear of being hit by someone。
Liu Yi covered his forehead with his palm,Rubbed vigorously,Still muttering,“Fucking,It really hurts!”
Chen Guanfeng took a closer look,The back of this guy’s right hand is bruised,And swelled up at a speed visible to the naked eye。
original,The knee bump just now,Didn’t hit his head directly,But at the very moment,Was cushioned by his palm。