“I can’t say it’s a new plan,It’s just what the U.S. used car industry has been doing,”Chen Gengdao:“When the local used car market is basically saturated,Why can’t we sell used cars to the international market?”
This guy is so ambitious!
Rosemary was shocked,She was really shocked,Indeed,Since the end of World War II,The U.S. has never stopped exporting used cars,The entire South American region is the back garden where the United States dumps its own used cars,After all, used cars are too troublesome to deal with,I might as well just sell it,Save the mind,Also made money,This is normal,But this is something a small used car dealer should consider、Will consider?There are at least two to three thousand stores engaged in the used car industry in the United States.,among them90%They are all earning 20,000 to 30,000 a year when the year is good、Thirty or forty thousand dollars,If the economy fluctuates slightly, it may be a small and micro used car dealer who has been busy for a year,They only take care of the one-third acre in front of them,When did you think about doing business abroad?
Rosemary felt that she couldn’t understand this smiling gentleman less and more,She even doubts,He really said it in the information21year old?How do you feel that you are not facing a fledgling boy,Instead it’s a50Around the age of、Experienced business tycoon?
For Rosemary whose eyes are unconsciously blurred,Chen Geng didn’t notice,Self-consciously said:“of course,Where to buy the car、How to avoid the dissatisfaction of large international used car traders when doing this business……There are still many problems waiting for me to solve,But Fernandez wants to go out after all。”
Rosemary took a breath,Suddenly to Reinstoff:“Mr. Reinstoff,You give me the information about the candidates for mayor of Detroit,I need to take a good look。Mr. Fernandez,Why don’t we talk about it for now?,how is it?”
“OK。”Chen Gengyixi,He realized what Rosemary was going to do,Of course no opinion。
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First52chapter Runyuan
It was already two days after Chen Geng saw Rosemary again。
Sitting in front of Chen Geng,Rosemary handed a thin piece of paper to Chen Geng:“Mr. Fernandez,If you plan to support one of the mayoral candidates,I suggest you support him。”
Chen Geng has not done less work in this area in the past two days,Seeing the information Rosemary gave me,Chen Geng was a little surprised:“Alex of the Democratic Party·Goodrich?Why he?”
In Chen Geng’s previous plan,This Alex·Mr. Goodrich does not seem to be the best supporter,The information shows that this guy was three when he was youngKParty members,Advocate white supremacy,Although he won’t promote these after entering politics,But through his various remarks and actions, it can still be seen that the nature of this guy’s white supremacy has not changed.。
Support such a guy?Of course Chen Gengben is not happy。
Watching Chen Geng frown,Rosemary doesn’t understand:“You seem to be·Goodrich is not satisfied?”
“Yes,”Chen Geng nodded,I didn’t deny my dissatisfaction with this guy:“According to my knowledge,This alex·Goodrich seems to be a racist。”