Thought of here,Gao Yu also looked at Qin Feng a bit enviously,If he has Qin Feng’s ability,That’s so good?
Since Qin Feng has already said this,Gao Yu by the side is not too nonsense。
Go back to Qingshui Village,Huang Junjie and others are here,This is also very strange。
Qin Feng looked at Huang Junjie and asked:“What happened?”
“It is said that,You will bring in a group of veterans?”Huang Junjie asked hesitantly,He also doesn’t know what tone he should use to talk to Qin Feng。
Just this one thing,He really has a headache。
“Yes。”Qin Feng said without thinking:“There should be no problem with this?”
“Ugh,Big brother,how to say?Not without problems,But this problem is a bit big,Have you considered,We introduced these on such a large scale all at once,What will it be said??”
Huang Junjie is very afraid of this kind of extremely risky thing,Who doesn’t know that there are talents among those retired?
To talk about business,Those people are not necessarily good,But in terms of safety,That’s 100% ok。
But now I am afraid of a situation,That’s what happens once you get people out,That’s dying。
Qin Feng heard Huang Junjie’s words,He also said blankly:“I know you are worried about this,But I can tell you 100%,There is not so much to worry about,If no one dares to do it,That’s a bad thing。”
We can be regarded as opening a gap,Anyway, as long as civilized and law-abiding,All these things don’t matter,In addition, we will not stay in one place,You may also know,We need hundreds of such security guards here。
If something happens,Untrained person,How could it be possible?
Qin Feng only recruits one batch every year,The quantity is not determined,But one thing is certain,That is, only those who have passed the assessment by him,That is qualified to be here。
otherwise,Do you really think Qin Feng is blind??