That sword is the strongest sword in the sword city for hundreds of years,Because even they can’t control。
Xia Chenglong naturally didn’t know this,For example, the sword they are tracking is the Sky Howling Sword in the blood pool at the moment!
You know this sword brought him out of the underground river,As for power……Not to mention。
Because of its existence,Xia Chenglong was able to compete with Lingxiao City for such a long time。
so,Looking at the sword consuming the essence of blood at this moment,Look worried。
You can see from the cracks in the tornado,The blade was originally like silver light,Now scarlet,As the blood in the pool gradually fades,The color of the blade is getting darker。
Just a little bit,The whole sword will be completely bloody,Can’t let it go on。
“You back!”
Xia Chenglong decisively gave orders to the people around!
No one answered,But quickly retreated,Elder Lu took his own daughter away。
Follow Xia Chenglong for many years,Old Lu is very familiar with the temper of this master,Since the other party said back,Then go back,No need to explain。
When everyone pushed it to fifty meters,Only Xia Chenglong stood beside the blood pool,Then the whole body surged,A breath goes directly to the Xiaotian Sword。