Baiqi said:“Yes indeed,There are so many people in line at this shop. Let’s buy some chicken fillets.。”
After Bai Qi finished speaking, Lin Yun nodded and said:“Okay okay。”
At this moment,A middle-aged woman standing in line behind Bai Qi immediately changed her face when she saw Lin Yoona walking next to Bai Ji as if she was jumping in line.
Then talk yin and yang weird cynicism,Just talked about:“There are so many shameless people these days,Such a long team just jumped in blatantly。”
At first Lin Yoona and Bai Qi didn’t care,I didn’t think I was talking about them and Lin Yoona didn’t jump in at all and stood beside Bai Qi.。
This middle-aged woman saw,Even the first two people didn’t react at all,So his voice increased a few degrees。
“What a shame。Look like a dog。Such a young girl,I jumped in when I wanted to.,Really lacking quality。”
At this moment,Lin Yuner realized,She seemed to be talking about herself so he glanced back,This middle-aged woman saw Lin Yun’er and looked at him immediately and gave Lin Yun’er a glance.。
Still talking,“no quality。”At this time, White also realized,He looked back with Lin Yuner。
Baiqi said:“Who are you talking about, this big sister??”
The middle-aged woman replied:“Whoever asks me, tell me,It’s not clear who jumped in?Also asked。”
Baiqi said:“Which eye did you see jumping in line?,We two are together,Buy the same amount,Can’t we line up here??”
The middle-aged woman said immediately:“I saw him jump in the line,There are clearly three people in front of this line。”
Chapter VIII no quality
“But as soon as this woman came in, there were four people in front of me,Why?”The woman continued。
No matter how you say this woman,,Don’t care,but,In her opinion,There seems to be nothing wrong with doing it yourself,so,When she said something like this,It’s really justified!