First0035chapter Decide
Late autumn,Rainy。
Xiping Village is miserable,The mud on the road has spread over people’s feet,Messenger,On a bicycle,Two steps without turning,Just fell off the car,Stepped on the mud。
“Her grandma’s,You people in Xiping Village are too lazy too!Won’t tidy up“The messenger is a middle-aged man in his forties,It seems that he is full of resentment。
Chen Erniu squatting on the big stone at the door of the village committee,Bend down when he saw it,A few young people,So he booed,The messenger was so angry。
“I said Lao Zhang!It’s still not clear this day,You start working,Do you have to work so hard??Do you still want to be a director??”Chen Erniu stopped laughing,The messenger Lao Zhang is here。
Old Zhang was so angry that he leaned his bicycle against the roadside wall and said:“You bastard know a fart,Our post and telecommunications office now also implements a business competition system,able,Workable,Lazy like you,I can only go home and hug the baby”
“Wife is still spinning in mother-in-law’s belly,Hug baby,It seems you have to work honestly,Who will deliver the letter today??”Chen Erniu was laughing,There are not many letters in this village a year,Because there are so few people going out。
Lao Zhang looked for a while in the big bag,Then shouted to Chen Erniu:“Xia Zecheng’s remittance,Your kid seems to have a good relationship with his son,Or run for me?”
Chen Erniu heard it was Xia Zecheng’s remittance,Immediately come to the spirit,Could it be Xia Jian who sent the money?!Thought of this,Chen Erniu ran away excited,He doesn’t care if there is mud under his feet。
“You kid slow down,This mud splashed on me,It’s not your remittance,So excited!“Lao Zhang hides aside,Stretched out his hand。
Chen Erniu snatched the money order,Run and watch,Shout while watching:“Xia Jianhui’s money is back,500 yuan”This voice echoed for a long time in Xiping Village。
Rainy day,Everyone is bored at home,Was yelled by Chen Erniu,Some family members of the Xia family,Hurry up and put on rain boots,Run towards Xia Ze’s family,I feel that Xia Jian’s money was not remitted to Xia Zecheng,But to their entire Xia family。
Xia Sanye is already sitting on Xia Zecheng’s big kang,He said with a smile:“Xia Jian, this kid, I didn’t make a mistake,Sooner or later,This is not,I’ll send you five hundred yuan,Look at the children in the village as old as him,Which one is not idle all day long”