Wang Yufei glanced sideways at Lu Yuxin,No answer,Shi Xulin continued:“Correct,For example, someone bullied your girlfriend,Even let Lu Yuxin get injured and be hospitalized,But the perpetrator can get away with it for various reasons,Will you incarnate as a justice messenger to help Lu Yuxin avenge privately??”
Lu Yuxin, who has been immersed in researching mobile phones, finally raised her head and glanced at the opposite classmate,Then he said for the first time:“Classmate Shi Xulin,Do you misunderstand me?Unless i die,Otherwise, I basically don’t need others to avenge me。In addition,The question you just had,wait,I show you something。”
Finished,While Wang Yufei was still considering how to use his words,After Lu Yuxin quickly manipulated her phone,Handed it to Shi Xulin。
“Ok?”Shi Xulin glanced at the two in surprise,Then I took Lu Yuxin’s phone,Seriously flipping and watching。
Dozens of seconds later,Shi Xulin just looked up,Lu Yuxin added just the right sentence:“That person was bullying Wang Yufei’s sister。”
Wang Yufei is not talking,I’m slightly thankful that he didn’t say much about it just now,Otherwise it’s not easy to explain now。
Shi Xulin returned the phone to Lu Yuxin,Look at Wang Yufeishi again,There are some different emotions in my eyes,Then he said coolly:“Your sister will be my sister from now on!”
This logic made Wang Yufei feel a little stunned for a while。
Of course he knows that what Lu Yuxin just showed Shi Xulin is likely to be an episode that took place last year when the two took Guo Xiaoyi to the Olympic Winter Training Camp.,His reaction at that time could indeed be counted as Shi Xulin’s answer to the question just now。
It’s just that he didn’t even wait for that Xiongtai to accept the punishment of the law.,Take the lead in punishment。
But he took action to punish the stinky rascal who used his hands and feet to his sister. Is there too much logical relationship with this guy regarding Guo Xiaoyi as his sister??
Take a look at Lu Yuxin,After the girl took the phone,Focus on the phone again,I didn’t care about the conversation between the two at all。
Ok,This man in front of me is really interesting。