“Am i going too?I’ll take care of the shop,Besides, you said when you hired me,Let me do everything in the shop,He didn’t say that he still had to do work outside the shop”Xia Jian is deliberately looking for trouble with Jia Lina。
Jia Lina smiled and said:“Don’t do this trick,Sister doesn’t eat you。Keep you,What should I do if you sell my shop??”Jia Lina said,Tugged Xia Jian sitting on the chair,Took him and ran out the door。
Rich and easy,This young man named Niu Sanlong drove a second-hand van,Prompted by two hundred yuan,He promised Jia Lina a trip to Teng County,I said that there are only three people in the car,If you pay more, you have to add money。
The car arrived at the door of the steamed bun shop,No need to tell Zhao Wuyi has locked the door and stood there waiting。Due to snow chains,So this car drives very slowly。Finally climbed a mountain,The road ahead not only widens but also becomes flat,There is less and less snow on the road,Niu Sanlong couldn’t help but increase the throttle。
Approaching Teng County,I can’t see any snow at all,Zhao Wu shook his head and said:“The weather in the mountains is really different,Just say it”
“This is normal,It does not snow in the north in winter,Which is very uncomfortable,Not like the south,such asszI’m afraid it’s hard to see snow in this life”Jia Lina suddenly said something like this。
Xia Jian couldn’t help asking“you’ve been tosz?”
“cut!Are you so surprised?I used to be a mixed company,Sitting in the office,It’s just a trick,Made me like this,Does it look like a shrew”Jia Lina asked with a smile。
Xia Jian didn’t say a word,It seems that people are not in appearance,The saying that the sea water is incomparable is really true。
Once in the county,Which Niu Sanlong put the three of them down and drove away,Really a businessman,Don’t want to spend a little oil。Teng County does not look big,But it feels like,More people and more cars。
Under the leadership of Jia Lina,They soon entered the wholesale market in Teng County,Such a small county,It’s great to have such a large wholesale market,Two-storey shops,Lane left on the second floor,You can drive the car directly。
When passing the door of a wholesale oven on the first floor,Xia Jian couldn’t help but stop,He walked over,Turn on the oven, look left, look right,I saw this in my old home,Put it in the hall in winter,Can burn coal,Can burn,The key is to cook water and rice very fast,More importantly, keep warm。
The boss is a middle-aged man in his forties,He came over and asked with a smile:“Young want to buy one?”
“Why buy one?Buy more if you want,Do you deliver??”Xia Jian asked with a smile。
The boss smiled and said:“If the amount is large, not only can you discount,And guarantee delivery,Which town are you from?Isn’t it Wuying Town?!Where can it be far”
Xia Jian didn’t want to answer the boss’ question directly,But lowered his voice and asked:“If i want fifty,What price?Don’t ask for random prices,One price,I’ll decide if it suits,Not suitable for you to continue”
“Hahahaha!Young people happy,I like people like you,Business needs everyone to do,I am not making money,Only when everyone earns is called earn,This number”The boss said,Pulled Xia Jian over,Put a finger。
At this time, Jia Lina and Zhao Wu are impatient,She cried out:“Why are you here?I can’t move when I first came in?”
The boss saw that Xia Jian did not say anything to him,He thought Xia Jian thought he had reported too high,So he lowered his voice and said:“Young man,This is almost the ex-factory price,I can’t make a few bucks on it”