As a deer fruit capable person,He has the power and resilience beyond ordinary people。
Each fruit has its own unique advantages,The characteristic of the deer fruit is the pair of giant horns,The giant horn has unmatched destructive power。
This is why he is called the Giant Horn Fu Kern。
Watching Fu Keen rush over,Leo dare not care,The opponent’s strength is much stronger than him。
Leo swings a knife before cutting,I want to avoid Fu Keen first。
Fu Keen didn’t dare to care about seeing Leo swinging a knife,Hurriedly resisted,The swordsman’s offensive power is recognized as strong。
But next moment,Fu Keen was surprised,Because this slash is really……too weak。
“Hahaha,I thought how strong you are,A swordsman who can’t even fly and slash will dare to challenge me?”
He is not a small character,There are several swordsmen who have played against him,And Leo is not even a swordsman,Dare to challenge him?
Leo was not ashamed of his attack,Because he never broke through to the realm of Jianhao。
“Average swordsmanship,You are so calm,Either there are strong players behind or there are back players?Devil Fruit Ability?”