The assistant looked for Ou Jianhua’s number again and again, while suggesting:“boss,The Ou’s family is only sometimes in power on Hong Kong Island,Let’s just kill the four major societies,Why do you give him face。”
“Let you hit,Nonsense!”Guo Qilin said very dissatisfied:“Don’t underestimate Ou’s family,Ou Jianhua is not as simple as it seems。Father confessed,Don’t go to war with Ou Jianhua if you have to!”
When I heard Guo Yingdong explained that,The assistant dared not say more,Suddenly there was a roar of engine outside the window,Walk to the window and have a look,I saw the red Lamborghini rushed out the door,Guo Qilin gritted his teeth with anger:“This evil animal,I really don’t know that the sky is so great!”
Butler Hu Xiao ran into the study and told:“master,Master can’t stop……”
“I’m not asking anyone to chase him back!”
Time goes by,The assistant dialed Ou Jianhua’s number repeatedly。
“how about it?”
“Still didn’t get through。”
Guo Qilin rubbed his forehead with a headache,There was another rush of footsteps downstairs,Lao Hu ran in and said:“master,problem occurs!”
“We chased the young master’s car on the edge of Haojiang,but……But the door was forcibly broken,Master is missing!”