“No need to,I fought hard against the sixth-grade real Qi diamond palm of the ancestor of the white tiger,Now it’s displacing all my internal organs。Fortunately, I just sucked the stiff blood of that third-generation zombie and hasn’t refined it yet,As long as I refine his stiff blood to repair part of the organs!”
Zhu Huiwei is sitting cross-legged,Yun Gong refines the stiff blood in the body to repair the wounds on the body。
Chen Xiu didn’t dare to disturb him,Just sit quietly,I recalled the scene of the ancestor Baihu fighting with Zhu Huiwei just now,Thought in mind:“Unexpectedly, the gap between each product of Zhen Qi is so huge,Don’t say let me resist the sixth-grade true spirit,I can’t hold the seventh-grade purple innocence!
It seems that I have to improve my strength as soon as possible,Taiyi Exorcism’s set of zombies that talk to three generations is okay,Talking to the ancestors of the white tiger doesn’t work at all,Let alone Ge Hong!”
Zhu Huiwei originally thought he was infinitely close to the strength of the second-generation zombie,Just now,I almost beat myself up with a palm,I was shocked。
Waiting to refine the stiff blood in the body and repair part of the injury,Open your eyes slowly,I saw Chen Xiuxian pacing back and forth in the cabin anxiously,Seeing myself full of joy when I wake up。
“What happened?”
“You finally woke up,that is really good!”
Chen Xiu took him to the cab,Even more anxiously:“I flew over the magic city airport half an hour ago,You get it down!”
“There is no automatic cruise?”
“Auto cruise can only fly automatically in the air,take off、Landing still requires manual control!”
This is Zhu Huiwei’s turn to be proud:“No matter how technology develops,Still rely on people!”
People who have lived for hundreds of years,Why can’t you be bothered?!