Ni Xiaoli smiled and said:“You Cai said,Air conditioning is about to be installed in the house,So don’t be afraid of heat”
“Listen to him,No matter how hot it is, stay at home,Is it hotter than being in the sun?”Chen Yueqin said,I started packing up。
Ni Xiaoli glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“mom!Don’t bring your clothes,Waited home,We will renew you from the inside out,The clothes at home should be left untouched”
“Correct!Xiaoli is right,We will buy you clothes when we get to the city,How about your dress,Sure to make people laugh“Wang Youcai said,Can’t help but laugh。
Wang Degui glared at Wang Youcai and cursed:“Bunny,You only walked out here for a few days,Already look down on us,Don’t forget,Where are you going,You are all from Xiping Village“
Wang Youcai knew he had said the wrong thing,Just shut your mouth,Said nothing。Actually there is nothing to clean up,Just a few clothes,Chen Yueqin packed up soon。After that, she locked some of the more important things in the cabinet,Then find two big locks。
Wang Degui took a deep breath and said:“Let’s go!These things in our house,Now to the people in Xiping Village,No one would want it,Existing Xiping Village,It’s not the old Xiping Village“
First1174chapter Scary call
Everyone has his own home in his heart。
When Chen Yueqin left home,Reluctant,It can be said that one walk and three look back,As if she had some important baby in this house。Wang Degui is a man,He looks indifferent。
Their family of four,When passing through the village,I just met Zhang Er。The guy asked curiously:“Old village chief,Not staying at home on such a hot day,Where is this going?”
“Hey!No way,You Cai took us to live in the city,His house has air conditioning,I’m afraid my hometown is too hot,Heat us up”Wang Degui raised his voice,Haha laughed and said,He seems to be afraid that others will not hear。
“The old village chief is really lucky,Gave birth to such a good son”Zhang Er said enviously,He greeted Wang Youcai again。
Ni Xiaoli heard her husband say this,She couldn’t help but want to laugh。It seems that her husband loves face,Especially in front of people in the village。It seems that she has to pay attention to some details in this regard in the future。
As soon as the car ran in,It’s much cooler。Wang Youcai drove the car,Smiled and said to Wang Degui:“I’ll install the air conditioner for you as soon as I go,These are not things now”
“I just said casually,You don’t have to be so serious。Been here for so many years,Not like this yet”When Wang Degui said this,With a satisfied smile on his face。
Wang Youcai sent his parents upstairs,So I took Ni Xiaoli to buy an air conditioner。The houses in this city must be much hotter than the old houses in the countryside,This Wang Youcai has a deep understanding。