Woman finger,Like playing the piano,Gently bounced on Xia Jian’s skin。Not to mention,Really very good。
“Pay attention,I’m going to bed for you。If the trick,Extremely serious problems,Please speak up”The woman said softly。
Xia Jian first responded,Then look up。This female technician just turned around with a towel。This is also the age of 27 or 8。
Xia Jian buried her head on the bed a little embarrassed。He’s already crawling on the bed anyway,What will they do next?,He can only obey。
The woman went to bed gently,Spread the towel in your hand to Xia Jian’s waist,And then even rode up。As her body weight slowly fell,An extremely comfortable feeling spread all over the body。
Woman legs kneeling on the bed,Both hands began to press Xia Jian’s cervical spine。She pressed,And asked softly:“Mr!How about my approach?Is it light or heavy?”
“Oh!This can be”Xia Jian said softly。
Not much to women,Maybe Xia Jian didn’t talk about the topic。She just cares about massage,It seems all this is very reasonable and normal。
Woman’s hands from Xia Jian’s neck,Until Xia Jian’s waist was pressed。This over**Can be described as enjoying。
To reduce the embarrassment indoors,Xia Jianchang exhaled and said:“Your technique is so good!Very comfortable。It seems you have work experience?”
“thank you!If you can see me,I have other value-added services。I can come to your room at night”The woman said softly,I feel that what she said is very natural。
But Xia Jian is listening,But feel incredible。This Zhang Teng,To provide such a service,Is it too much?
Xia Jian stopped talking,He was thinking about this question。The woman found out that Xia Jian didn’t say anything,She whispered:“If you don’t like me, sir,We have a lot of girls here,There is always something you like”
“No no no!You are beautiful。I have something to talk about in a while,If you don’t leave at night,I will find you”Xia Jian quickly said to this woman。
The woman smiled and said:“Thanks sir!But the boss ordered,Let you play,Not only all services are free,Don’t let us charge your tip”
“Ok!Your boss is nice。All right!You can rest,I have something to go”Xia Jian said he wanted to get up。
Woman said busy:“Not finished sir”