The same as the original flexible suggestion,Liu Sheng is also known for many observatory,Just unlike fake,Can be a perfect combination with barrier。
Liu Shengwei fluttered and another Liu Sheng Xinxia disciple“Trust”Later,Let’s leave。
Originally, she still wants to monitor a while.,If the red woman wants to save,The time she just left is most likely。
But I don’t know why.,Liu Sheng is so tired,Just like it is just fighting with life.、Tour is as fatigue as the edge of the dead,So leave first。
Think of the calm of the other party,Liu Sheng is not sighing——Annual moon grenadial affiliated、Folk news collection department,Even the martial arts,Actually there is such a psychological quality……
The earth is too real, the land major!
at the same time,Short rest,Liu Shengwei, a broken, clear tomorrow,But even sleep for a while、Nothing。
I got a message……
Morning,Chu Deirers are on the way to Qunfuyuan!
Liu Shengwei:……
I know that this is actually so managed.,Liu Sheng fluttered, staying in group jade hospital.!
No time to complain,There is another game“play”Waiting for her。
Chu Deirers left from the palace last night.,So go back to the inn,Pity、Huang Rong reported a safe,After that, after eating breakfast,Go to Qunfuyuan。
Lin’an’s street is not lively,Although because of the Queen Life,Rectify a security,But if you can’t do it, you can’t do it.,Now Lin’an is even more lively。
Walking in the city,Chu Deirers have to feel emotion,Although Song Ting is weak、Although the same road is frozen,But here is currently in the big rivers and lakes,Most prosperous、The most stink of Zhumen wine——Walking South,Chu Deirers running all world,Some qualifications do this judgment。
But just at this time,Just listen to a noise sound,I only see the pedestrians in the intersection of the road.,Then the rushing horseshoe……
This season’s position,Specially set in front of the Chu Dee,Side street,Still specially arranged,Little girl who has just turned,Put in the center of the cross——After all, Dongzheng is coming.,No little girl。
Although some evil work,Ability to spare bone camouflage,But after all my eyes、The five senses must be a lot,Easy to be found。
The reason is arranged in such a position,It is also because Chu Deirers’ martial arts,Whether it is a horses that come on?,Still ran over the horse behind him,It’s hard to hurt around him.……
Such distance,Chu Deirers can only see the scene of horses will hit people,I will not be able to react,Liu Sheng is a chance to show!
Chu Deiren heard the horseshous,I have already secretly passing,Fast two steps quickly,I want to stop the thrill in this downtown.。
But it is still a little later.,I saw the chaos of the crowd after avoiding it.,A classic“Little girl who is crying”Stay in the original place。
At this time、Flustered rider,Side of one side,A Liu Sheng, a woman who has dressed in an ordinary official woman.,Already prepared……
Just when this is one,Liu Sheng flizhed,I have to take the little girl in my arms.,After that, the situation is brushing,But……
Just when this is one,Chu Deirers waved,The soft silk is smashed out,More than 20,Seven Tour Bahousi turned to hide other people,Precision of little girl,Take her away,At the same time, a stone hit the horseshoe.——At this time, Chu De talents see the white woman who rushed out.。
not good!
Chu Deirers once again“not good”,He just wants to teach the guy of this city.,How is it actually rushing out??
Liu Shengwei:???
I saw this shower,I fell down on the spot.,The speed is also faster than expected.,Directly smashed a lonely Liu Shengwei……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 543 Heaven
“Hoot……”After the little girl is scared,Still cry。
“do not Cry,man……Cough,Girl can also top half a day,There is a tear!”Chu Deee encouraged。
“Hoot……Thanks、thanks……”Little girl is still very polite。
“Also went to thank my big sister there.。”Chu Deirers have a little heart,White woman standing on waist standing。
fortunately“big sister”Also practicing,Directly collapsed,I don’t see any injury!