Xinhuanet Beijing November 17th (Lu Chang, Rao Wei) reporter learned from the Beijing Public Security Bureau Fangshan Branch, recently, the bureau cracked a major cross-border telecom network fraud case, arrested 19 criminal suspects, involving more than 50 national The case, the amount involved in the case reached 10 million yuan. It is understood that the gang has long implemented the "killing pig" fraud activities in the Burmese, specifically for women, and induces the victim "investment" through "speaking" to cultivate a strong "emotion", complete the "killing pig".

  According to reports, the Fangshan police accepted the damage of the people (pseudonym) to report the "killing pig" fraud, and the loan has been investing more than 70,000 yuan. The Fangshan Public Security Bureau took the fine police to set up a task force, immediately launched investigation, through the "capital flow" and "information flow" double-line tracking, and finally locked the Guizhou man Yang has a major crime suspicion.

On September 9th, the task force will capture the evidence involved in the relevant cases of criminal gangs headed by Yang (male, 36) with Yunnan and Guizhou and other places. According to reports, the gang level is clear, the divisionaries are clear, and the organization is strict, and it is composed of the boss, supervisor, agent, team leader, background maintenance personnel, team members and other levels, through system organization training, members of each level They have their own "business" category.

Gang members have implemented fraud by playing a variety of false roles, and organizers provide deceived hardware and software equipment, and the agency responsible personnel management, and the competent is responsible for informed fraud "performance". Among them, some "salesperson" was claimed to be "earned big money", after arriving in the Burmese, they found that they entered the "Wolf Nest", they need to work from 9 am to 3 am At least 4 "girlfriends" will be considered daily. After the suspects explained, after they entered the fraud, they will be taken away by the boss, only the mobile phones used in the deception, once the "performance" is not completed, will suffer from cruel flesh penalties.