2014 Brazil World Cup Top 16 against the knockout match rules game time
The 2014 World Cup Round 16 against the knockout rules. The team that scored more goals within 90 minutes (including stoppage time) of the World Cup knockout stage will win. If the participating parties cannot decide the victory or defeat within 90 minutes (including stoppage time), they will proceed.15 minutes of overtime in the first and second half.During the overtime period, if the two teams have not yet scored the winner, the winner will be decided by the penalty of each player.  In principle, the penalty kick is for both sides to play 5 goals. If they still draw the same goal, they will play the same goal. The goal scorer wins. If there is still no victory or defeat, the penalty kick will continue.until!From here, you can also polish everyone’s victory or defeat in football anyway, because each World Cup only prepares a bottle of Hercules Cup! Recommended reading: List of the latest schedule of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The complete version of the group schedule. The World Cup 16 rounds began to use the knockout system. The matchup arrangement for the knockout stage is: 1/8 final group A first match B group second = winner 1  Brazil VS Chile Group B first match Group A second = winner 2 Netherlands VS Mexico Group C first match Group D second = winner 3 Colombia VS Uruguay Group D first match Group C second = winner 4 Costa Rica VSGreece Group E first match Group F second = winner 5 France VS Nigeria Group F first match Group E second = winner 6 Argentina VS Switzerland Group G first match Group H second = winner 7 Germany VS Algeria HGroup 1 vs. Group G 2 = Winner 8 Belgium VS USA 2014 Brazil World Cup 16 Finals The eight teams that won the final table enter the quarter-finals, the so-called “Top 8″ 1/4 finalists 1 winWinner 3 = Winner A, Winner 2 vs. Winner 4 = Winner B, Winner 5 vs. Winner 7 = Winner C, Winner 6 vs. Winner 8 = Winner D 1/4 Finals 4 winning teams enter into ” 4 The 2014 Brazil World Cup top 16 match time (Beijing time) is shown in the picture: “Strong” semi-final winner A vs. winner C winner B vs. winner D. The semi-finals won the two teams to enter the final, the two losing teams compete for three or four2014 Brazil World Cup Top 16 against the knockout match rules and game schedule World Cup news recommendation: 2014 Brazil World Cup watching guide 10 games not to be missed