but,Think so,I can’t say that。He quickly laughed:“This little brother has good eyesight,Foresight。My night pearl,Although not famous,But it’s still genuine,The light bulb is as bright at night。
Lao Ge,I’m also acquaintances with you,Five thousand yuan for you。
Here’s the gift,Pick five at random。”
Bingzhu believes in Populus,Ge Pingping will be doubtful,Hold Ye Mingzhu in your hand。
Hu Yang immediately picked up the wooden mat that was originally cushioned with Ye Mingzhu,Stuffed into Ge average:“Uncle Ge,Trust me,This night pearl is ok。”
Seeing what Populus euphratica got,Ge Jinping reacted immediately,I understand the purpose of Populus。Ye Mingzhu is a fake,But this wooden mat is valuable,He immediately cheered up。
Not only him,Even Huazi and others,The viewers in the live room are waiting,Also understand what Brother Hu meant。
Only the stall owner is still complaining:This guy,Harmful!
“monkey,Five thousand is too much。This stuff,Do you dare to charge me five thousand?”Ge average stared。
The stall owner smiled:“All acquaintances,Give you a discount,How about three thousand?How to say,Ye Mingzhu too!”
What ghost night pearl?Are you really idiots??This kind of,It’s nothing more than the beads from the fluorescent stone car。Fluorite,Is that thing worth money??Some tourist attractions,These beads are sold for dozens of dollars,Buy more and get free。
Ge average did not speak,Directly give the opponent a death gaze。
Seeing the stall owner’s scalp tingling,Finally give in again:“one thousand?Ok!five hundred,Would you let me buy a few catties of pork??I haven’t eaten meat for many days。”
Just your body,Still eat meat?Please!Want to live longer,Eat more vegetarian food!
See it dropped to five hundred,Ge Pingping just let go:“Don’t say i don’t take care of your business,I dare to ask for five thousand next time,I just spray your saliva。”