After waiting twenty minutes,Qiangwei looked at Xin Zhao beside her,I feel like I was deceived。
She really wants to ask Lena,Why are you taking Qilin there?,Without taking me。
of course,She must be unable to find anyone to ask。
“Hello,Lena ran away with people,You still sleep here?”Qiangwei pushed and pushed Xin Zhao who still closed his eyes,Asked。
Xin Zhao opened his eyes,Then take the phone out of my pocket“Lena sent me a message just now,She said she was going to have a big meal with Qilin,Then let me transfer her the account!”
“Then you just turn,Are you a fool,This is your girl,Can’t you accompany her well?!”Qiangwei thinks Xin Zhao should have a pit in his head,And the kind that is not evenly filled。
And Xin Zhao heard what Qiangwei said,Directly angry“I said who is to blame,You said you were fine at the coffee shop,I also brought you Qilin,Two people and He Meimei stay in the coffee shop for a day.,In the end, why are you coming out?,You’re so obviously disruptive,Do you like me?,Tell you,Two things are impossible for us,I will always be the man you can’t get!”
“Yo roar!”Qiangwei laughed at the words of Xin Zhao“Letter,Call you lord,You really think of yourself as a green onion!Do you think anyone will like you bitch,Shameless bastard!”
“I tell you,Pay attention to speaking,I can sue you for libel!”
“You can do,Can’t be said!”
“What did i do?What am i doing to you?no,This is all your subjective conjecture!”
Qiangwei thought for a moment,Found that things seem to be true,Xin Zhao uses words to arouse the tone of others except sometimes,At other times, there is no such obscene behavior。
Why do you have such an association?,Is it because Xin Zhao has such a unique character。
It seems possible!
Looked at each other angrily for about three minutes,Then Xin Zhao and Qiangwei snorted at the same time,And then turned to look at the movie screen。
After watching for three seconds,Xin Zhao turned to look at Qiangwei“How about let’s find a coffee shop and sit down,I feel like the director is feeding shit!”
“Sympathy,But you are a little sick!”Qiangwei turned around and walked towards the exit of the other row of seats。And Xin Zhao walked out directly from here。