Lin Yoona’s appearance,It really is to let Xiao Fan, who has always been calm and self-control,,It feels a little messy in an instant。
“Yoona,Don’t scare me,How are you?what,Are you uncomfortable?!”Xiao Fan is worried。
Words from the mouth,It’s also anxious。
Let outsiders listen,It can also be felt how worried and anxious Xiao Fan is。
but,Even this way,Xiao Fan still really didn’t see any mood swings in Lin Yoona at all。
because,She still buried her head deeply between his knees,I just didn’t say a word to Xiao Fan,Nor show any action to Xiao Fan。
Now,But I was really anxious Xiao Fan。
Originally,This is because I think my woman is too funny,so,Just now,He just laughed like that。
but,Xiao Fan is really not malicious。
He really didn’t think that Lin Yoona would actually be because of the time just now,He laughed loudly at his own,And angry with myself。
If I knew it would be such a result early in the morning,Then it is put on Xiao Fan’s neck,He would never do such a thing to Lin Yoona。
Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yoona,Suddenly I didn’t know what to do。
I did it myself,Said and said,But for Lin Yoona,He seems to have done nothing,What should she do,Just how!
What should I do??
I don’t know the anxiety outside is like Xiao Fan,but,This privately,It is Xiao Fan who buried his head deeply between his knees,She is another time to let Xiao Fan think,An unexpected sight。
because,Xiao Fan wanted to come,Neither speak to him,And don’t show Lin Yoona who is waiting for work to show him,In fact, it’s always a state with the corners of the mouth rising。