Men are more interested in cars,Mr. Elson volunteered that he would be happy to experience it first,But the first person who expressed surprise was Mrs. Elson who entered the back seat.:“Oh, God,Elson,The rear space of this car is much larger than our Ford!”
“really?”Hear wife’s voice,Elson is curious,But he didn’t look back:“How big is it?”
“Very big,I can even lift my legs easily,”Mrs. Elson said and gestured excitedly:“God!I can’t believe this car has such a big rear space,I thought I could barely sit down with two children。”
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First173chapter The greedy nature of capitalists
You can lift your legs?
The wife’s words made Elson instinctively disbelieve:Except for the extended courtesy car,What car can have so much rear space?Even if it’s your own Ford car,The body length is nearly one meter longer than this car,But Linda wouldn’t sit down even if she was killed. In her own words“Can only ride children and dogs under ten”Back row——Of course there is no need to sit in the back row。
Can turn head,Elson saw his wife leaning on the back、Comfortable and cozy look with legs folded。
of course,The wife can lift her leg because the height of the wife is only168cm,Weight only120lb,If it is myself182cm’S height、210Pounds of weight,I can’t lift my legs anyway,But no doubt,Even oneself,You can also sit comfortably in the back seat。
Elson was surprised,He curiously asked Chen Geng:“Fernandez,What’s the wheelbase of your car?”
Man?,Majority pairs of machinery、Cars are more interested,Especially in the United States, a country with high labor costs,You don’t want to be interested,Life will make you interested。
“2720mm。”Chen Geng said casually。
“How many?”Elson thought Chen Geng was wrong。
Chen Geng had to repeat it again:“2720mm。”