Kim So Yeon gently covered her mouth,Full of emotion,Then he stretched out his jade feet carefully。
Her feet are small,Every toe is so round and cute,Small bones and fleshy,The skin is beautiful,Like a princess in a fairy tale,Putting on crystal shoes。
Lu Menglin gently held her little feet,Fingertips can clearly feel the trembling from the girl,He used the most gentle movement,Put the little slippers on her feet。
“Another!”Lu Menglin called out like a father。
“Ok。”Kim So Yeon held back tears,Handed him the other little foot。
Lu Menglin put on her shoes,And gently wiped the mud from her toes,Smiled:“All right!perfect!”
At this moment,Kim So Yeon has quickly wiped away the tears that almost came out of her eyes,A shy smile bloomed again。
“A few coins left,Do you want to play for a while?”Lu Menglin stood up,Said with a smile。
“But i can’t!”Kim So Yeon replied softly。
Lu Menglin took her little hand,Took her to a dancing machine at the entrance of the game hall,Point to the screen:“You try this!Very simple,Just follow the rhythm of the sound and light。”
Late nineties,Dance machines have not yet flowed into China,Even in Seoul, South Korea,It’s also a relatively fresh game type。
“you are so pretty,Good figure,Dancing must be nice。”Lu Menglin said sincerely。
“is it?Ok!If you ask,Let me try!”Kim So Yeon nodded seriously。
She never played this,But with her intelligence,Just take a look and you will probably understand。
And she doesn’t have stage fright at all,After all, I practiced dancing since childhood,Have more than ten years of dancing skills and rich stage experience,This kind of scene is really trivial。
“I’m on it then!”Kim So Yeon looked back and smiled,Bai Meisheng。
Ding!Dance machine music plays,The opening is a famous song with a lively rhythm《Ode to Joy》,Full of festive mood。