“Thanks Maureen!”Not waiting for Maureen to finish,Shi Mu Luo immediately replied loudly,Then turned around and ran,Disappeared in a few seconds。
Maureen felt his heart dripping,I really don’t know what this little ancestor is thinking。
Chapter Seventy Eight Have their own minds
It’s another cliché shopping story。
Two people walking arm in arm,Looks sweet and harmonious,Actually all have their own minds。
Yu Zhe’s distress is relatively simple,He’s just not good at lying,After all, I didn’t use this skill before,But if it is given according to the time“script”Come“Recite lines”if,Maybe it’s not difficult。
But Shi Muluo’s situation is much worse,She has hundreds of guesses about the unknown killer in her heart,There are also hundreds of coping methods,I just don’t know which one is the most suitable。
Faced with people who are very vigilant,Once you take the wrong step,Lose all the game。
on the other hand,Shi Muluo is also very entangled whether to tell Yu Zhe this information。
Although Maureen wanted to hide,But consider many other issues,Maybe telling the truth is the most beneficial。
After all, there is only one chance,Once the poisoning fails,If it hurts the employer,That’s a big deal,But if Yu Zhe knew,You can stop in advance,Everything has the possibility of redemption。