“Save me some!”
Zhu Huiwei came down from the air,It also bit Guo Jing’s neck,Suck Guo Jing’s zombie blood fiercely,Less than a minute,Guo Jing was thoroughly washed by the two,Finally, there are no bones left,Only a skin bag。
Chen Xiu looked at everything in front of him tremblingly,Seeing Guo Jing only one piece of leather left,Zhu Huiwei and Zhang Haibao are still licking the blue zombie blood on the corners of their mouths,He finally couldn’t hold on to the tremor in his heart,Sat down on the ground。
Did he never see a zombie sucking human blood?,But he never expected that zombies would still suck blood from zombies,And it’s to the extent that there are no bones left。
After Zhu Huiwei absorbed Guo Jing’s zombie blood, a green light appeared on his face。
“Lao Zhang,Help me protect the law,I am going to break through!”
“it is good!”
Zhu Huiwei sits on the ground directly,Cross-legged,The blue light on the face is more prosperous,Zhang Haibao even sacrificed a black iron flying knife and hovered around him at high speed,A mosquito can’t fly。
“he……What is he doing?”
Chen Xiu finally plucked up the courage to stand up,Come over and ask。
“Lao Zhu sucked most of Guo Jing’s blood essence,Now we are going to refining and evolving blood。”