Zhu Shiyao stared at Guo Enting,The tone is full of stubbornness。
“I didn’t want to kill you!”
Guo Enting muttered to herself,But he didn’t cover up his voice。
Zhu Shiyao holds her head up,Although the face is firm and not afraid,But what I think is who can help me。
A bad thought gradually arises in the hearts of the spectators who have not left.,No one laughed at Zhu Guosheng’s Tuo Da,On the contrary, there are many people who understand Zhu Guosheng’s anger,But what everyone knows now is,The Zhu family may be experiencing an unprecedented catastrophe。
The reason why no one retreated,Because everyone believes,Guo Enting hates only people like the Zhu family,Even if their parents go abroad,Also have a day back,He has absolutely no possibility of killing。
Zhu Shiyao has closed her eyes,But she stood in front of Zhu Guosheng,Still didn’t allow me to move half a step。
“Go cool!How can an old man be protected by his daughter?”
Zhu Guosheng reached out and patted Zhu Shiyao on the shoulder,Zhu Guosheng said with a smile。
Arm gently,He pulled his daughter aside,Then face Guo Enting。
Zhu Shiyao looked at her father worriedly,Never thought he would be his backer,But when I really need help most,It was his father who appeared behind him。
“Kid!From the sentence you just said,You are already dead,do you know?”
Zhu Guosheng looked at Guo Enting,His eyes became deeper。
“If I am not mistaken,You seem to have said something like this not long ago!”
Guo Enting smiled mockingly,Just from the current state of two people,Obviously I have the upper hand,Guo Enting really doesn’t know where Zhu Guoquan’s self-confidence comes from。
Stepped to the front of Zhu Guosheng,Guo Enting thought of killing Zhu Guosheng with a punch,In this case, everything is gone!
But just when Guo Enting thought he was successful,Zhu Guosheng turns his feet,Guo Enting’s inevitable punch slid down Zhu Guosheng’s chest。
Immediately after Zhu Guosheng also seized the opportunity,It’s like killing Peng Peng,The attack position is the same。