You are friends,At the same time a competitor。
Three classes in the morning will be over in the blink of an eye,When it comes to physical education, no one is clamoring to go down to play basketball,Lying on the table to make up for sleep。
Warm and warm basically use the time of physical education class to check the deficiencies in the morning exercises,She put on headphones,Isolate the noise in the corridor。
A moment later。
The sports committee in the class slapped the table and shouted:“All get up,Go down to play basketball!”
Does anyone respond??
Gritted teeth,go on:“We are the symbol of youth,We want to be vigorous!”
Sports Commission is boosting morale,Was scared by the physical education teacher who came in,He quickly sat down。
Physical education teacher in a basketball suit,He praised:“The Sports Commission is right,Go down to play,Boys all go down!”
The boys who heard the call wailed,Even though I don’t want me to be sleepy,But the body is very honest。
The atmosphere of the basketball court quickly heats up,Warm and warm also took off the headphones and took a look。
that’s nice。
And at the moment Xiaoxue,Looking for warm classmates on campus。
She went to the basketball court,Thought:Almost this class。