“I want to go for a walk in a few days”
“how long?”
“A year’s time,I will be back before the college game,do not worry!”
Great elder walking back and forth,Frowning thinking“Row,I’ll give you one year,But you have to promise to come back alive!”
Fuming snapped his fingers“rest assured,Will definitely come back alive!”
The elder nodded,Moved sideways and motioned for life to persuade Lingxi。
“Lingxi,what happened,not happy?”Fuming stepped forward and rubbed Lingxi’s little head,There were tears in Ling Xi’s eyes,Look towards Fuming。
“I don’t want to go”Lingxi responded in a low voice,The little hand tightly grasped the corner of Fuming’s clothes。
Fuming patted Lingxi’s head,Comforting softly“Lingxi,Believe it or not, Brother Fuming”
“Of course”Lingxi immediately responded loudly。
“Well,Listen to me,Follow your master to Yuanhuo Academy,Brother Fuming promised you,One year later,We will meet!”
Ling Xi stared at Fuming with big eyes,No trace of impurities,Nod seriously,Reach out“Don’t lie to me!”
Suddenly laughed“Ok,I will keep my promise!”Fuming stretched his hand and grabbed Lingxi,With serious eyes。
Qu Anlie was upset on the sidelines,Reached out and took Lingxi back a few steps,Threatening softly in Fuming’s ear:“Kid,I tell you,Before Lingxi was twenty,You don’t want to have any intimate relationship with her!”
Fuming nodded helplessly“it is good,Have you always,I’m relieved of Lingxi’s safety”
Qu Anlie’s arrogant look up“Humph,Lingxi is my apprentice,You can still use her safety!”
“Going to be hooked!”The dean held the fishing rod nervously,Feel the trembling of the fishing rod,This kind of tension can only be understood by people fishing。
“call!!”A hurricane whizzed over the dean’s head,The lake in front of you rolled instantly,The fish that was going to bite the bait was immediately startled by this movement。