Wang Youcai stepped through the door,Ran towards the hall。He saw that there was nothing wrong with Wang Degui sitting on the kang,I couldn’t help but breathe out and asked:“dad!What does mom mean?This is to scare people to death!”
“I ask you,Why turn off the phone,Hide from Xiaoli?”Wang Degui’s voice is cold,I can hear him extremely unhappy。
Wang Youcai listened,I can’t help but panic。It turns out that dad knew about it too,Could it be that Ni Xiaoli called home??He turned,I just saw Ni Xiaoli walking into the hall with a meal,He understood in his heart。This woman ran back to complain,She seems to be well treated。
“dad!Nothing,There was a little misunderstanding between us”Wang Youcai is laughing,And took over the rice bowl in Ni Xiaoli’s hands,Squatted on the steps to eat。
Ni Xiaoli glared at Wang Youcai and said:“There are chairs in the house,Why squat,How unsightly”
“Farmers are like this,Don’t look at the unsightly”Wang Youcai said coldly。
“What kind of bullshit you jerk,What’s wrong with the farmers?Do you have to squat to eat?You get me back inside”Chen Yueqin just came,She scolded,He lifted his foot and kicked Wang Youcai’s ass。
Wang Youcai hurriedly stood up,Hehe smiled and said:“mom!People are in their 30s,Besides, I’m also married,Why are you still beating,It’s so shameless”
“You are eighty years old,Also my son。And you did something wrong,I can’t miss it”Chen Yueqin said,I stretched out my hand to pull Wang Youcai’s ear。
Wang Youcai hurried into the hall,Sat down on the chair。Ni Xiaoli’s face,Only then did I smile,She didn’t expect,This Wang Youcai is really a filial son。
A family of four,Eating silently,In fact, everyone’s heart,Are doing their own calculations。
This meal is finally finished,The thing to say must be said,Wang Degui knew in his heart,Upright officials can hardly break housework,Not to mention the relationship between the son and the daughter-in-law,He can deal with it more difficultly。
“Rich!You just said,You are now in your thirties,So I won’t elaborate on some things,Xiaoli is pregnant,You have to take good care of him,Can’t make her angry。Once the house is decorated,Move in quickly,Two of you live your life well”Wang Degui took a breath,Said with a heavy heart。
Wang Youcai is trying to refute two sentences,But he saw the expression of his mother Chen Yueqin,I swallowed it again。Ni Xiaoli looked at this situation,Did not speak。Actually she quarreled with Wang Youcai,She is still wrong。
“Okay parents!What can be between us,Besides, the marriage is over,And Xiaoli also has a child,Let’s make our life better”Wang Youcai said,Take a look at Ni Xiaoli,he knows,Ni Xiaoli would not speak under such circumstances,Because what she said once he said it,She is standing here without face。
Ni Xiaoli is really smart,Always keep silent。Chen Yueqin has a look,Smiled and said:“it is good!Now that I’m talking about it,You can take Xiaoli and go home!Your dad and I will go to the ground this afternoon”