Help mortals change their luck,Keep the weather here for a hundred years。
When I saw myself, I helped the younger generation,Such generous predecessors,How could it be a villain,Where are you talking about such a good-looking villain?。
In that case,Then let the senior go,perhaps,This is also part of the practice of seniors,Don’t disturb。
quickly,Jingpu expects to walk for two or three days,It’s over in less than twenty minutes。
At this time Jingpu saw the Xiuxian clan in the novel,There have been many movies about Xiuxian in the last life in China,But maybe all the budget is given to the small meat,In the end, the clan in the novel is just like a bandit den。
That kind of grand scene only appears in some anime,But unfortunately in the anime,There is no shock from reality。
right now,Jingpu was a little shocked,The mountain that can’t be seen at a glance,There are various antique houses on it,Green Brick and Green Tile,Hidden between misty clouds and towering old trees。
Now is the time for the Excalibur Sect to assess newcomers,Cultivators from all directions,Flying towards here,Colorful,With glow。
Very shocking。
of course,While Jingpu shocked these,Many people around are watching Jingpu。
The original appearance of Jingpu,And the inadvertent Taoism,It’s very eye-catching。
But more of it is Jingpu and Ling Anan on a flying sword。