When Lei Yuan saw this,Actually in Lei Yuan’s heart,How to deal with these things,In fact, deep inside Lei Yuan,Already a little eager to try。
Chapter 230 The Lei Family’s Helper
For such things,Lei Yuan invited many helpers at this time。
After all this time,What they did,Just to clean up Wang Teng。
So next,What should I do。
Actually such a thing,It’s already obvious。
Lei Yuan saw this,The whole person’s brows are slightly frowned。
This situation now,Lei Yuan’s heart,Actually don’t know,What should I say?。
Just think,Current words,In fact, there are still many things to do。
But after seeing these,At this moment,Lei Yuan’s whole person’s face even revealed a kind of indescribable pride。
“well,But from the current situation,Next,I have almost controlled it here。”
“Since this is the case,Then the next step,We can consider starting with Wang Teng!”
When Lei Yuan’s words are finished,Those around you nodded。
For them,What should I do now,Such a thing,It is beyond doubt that it has come。
And this time,Lei Yuan’s side,Others see here,They never forget to say here。
“That’s what it said,Actually we should have done this long ago。”
“Is this still necessary?,Anyway, such a good opportunity now,Has been grasped by us,What should I do,Has become obvious。”