When the brain-computer chip turned out,Although I didn’t interview Wang Yufei,But successfully interviewed Gao Deyuan。
When Xin system shocked the world,Gu Bingjun, who returned to his country to start a business, has also become a very inspirational figure in front of the camera。
When solid-state high-energy batteries disrupt the entire new energy vehicle and electronics industry,Eight teenagers with solid-state high-energy battery packs from Brain Machine Society,With a shy smile,Showed to the people what is the style of the elite level。
Although Wang Yufei did not appear in the central media camera,But without exception, these people mentioned Wang Yufei’s contribution。
However, this time quantum computer technology cannot be replaced by someone。
The truth is there。
Wang Yufei proposed the third constant conjecture on Weibo,This guess did not have much influence among ordinary people,But it has a huge impact on the entire physics community,It can be said that he directly established his position as a first-class quantum scientist in China。
After the company split,After the split, Yuxin Technology established a quantum computer laboratory,Immediately afterwards, it launched quantum computing technology that shocked the world.。There is also an episode,World-class quantum scientist,Chief Designer of Google Quantum Computer Hardware John·Martinis,Give up,After leaving Google,Came to China for an academic conference,Then joined Yuxin Technology,Became the Chief Technology Officer of Yuxin Technology Quantum Computer Laboratory。
According to Professor John’s performance at the Huaqing Third Constant Conjecture Seminar,This veteran physicist,Still conquered by Wang Yufei’s personal charm,I joined Yuxin Technology without hesitation。
There is also news that,This quantum computer can be successfully developed in Yuxin Technology,It is also because Wang Yufei solved three of the eight equations of Yufei,And it is under the guidance of these basic theoretical proofs,Only then has the world’s quantum computer technology made great progress。
This is the rhythm of stacking quantum computers on the altar alone.。
I want to find someone to replace the interview and who can I find?
The entire quantum computer laboratory,At first they were mostly researchers who didn’t know anything about quantum mechanics,What did you say in the interview??
So this time the central media decided to invite Wang Yufei for an interview。
Then they were very surprised to find out that Yuxin Technology did not have an external public relations department.,No external spokesperson,Or other departments dealing with public relations,Not even a serious business department。
even114No phone registered by Yuxin Technology。