Liposuction breast augmentation, rest assured

The extreme breast is a physiological organ, and it is a symbol of the beauty of a woman’s body.

Aunt and aunt’s injection of breast augmentation will combine slimming and breast enhancement, which will produce unexpected surgical results.

  Aunt and aunt’s injection of breast augmentation is a tool that sucks out the excess aunts in other parts of the body and injects them into the top of the chest to expand the volume, thus continuously promoting the application, gradually becoming mature, and is favored by the majority of women.

  What is aunt injection and aunt injection breast augmentation?

  Aunt and aunt injection breast augmentation surgery is a kind of operation that sucks out the excess aunt in other parts of the body and then injects it into the bottom of the chest to enlarge the volume of the breast. Because the injection is an autologous aunt, it will not cause rejection and will not cause any harm to the body.It can achieve the double effect of slimming and thickening.

  How is the treatment effect of aunt’s aunt and breast augmentation?


The operation is simple, the outpatient clinic can be completed, and no hospitalization is required.

The gradual recovery is fast, the crack marks are not obvious, and only the pinhole marks are left.

Slimming and getting breastfed twice.

Multiple injections can be repeated, and the operation is safe and reliable.

The injected sputum is integrated with the autologous breast cancer, and the implant has a good feel.

  Doesn’t the true and false considerations aunt correct the scope of application with aunt’s injection breast augmentation?


There is no surgical contraindication in the whole body; 2.

Local accumulation of feces;

Since the survival rate of pregnant women is about 30%, too much injection can cause urine infection in pregnant women, so the patient’s own breasts are required to have a certain size.

  What is the precaution for the aunt before the injection of breast augmentation with her aunt?


Bath 2 before surgery.

Initial oral antibiotics for three days 3 .

Interventional patients need to have their own breast massage.

  What are the risks of aunt and aunt’s injection of breast augmentation?

  As with other surgical procedures, a small number of complications and exceptional injections of breast augmentation have certain risks, such as: 1.

Anesthesia accidents and their complications, sequelae, etc. 2

Interventional infection and its complications, sequelae, etc. 3

Causes hematoma, seroma and its complications, sequelae and so on.

However, as long as the surgeon’s style is strict and the operation is fine, can the above risks be replaced with the minimum or not how to reduce and avoid the risk?


Patients must have a prior medical history and treat the risk of surgery correctly 2 .

The doctor carefully checks before surgery and carefully prepares 3.

The doctor performed fine operation in the operation, completely stopped bleeding, intervened and communicated with the patient, and found that the situation was treated immediately.

Patients strictly follow preventive precautions.