They dare to discuss again“Good thing”?
The darker person,It’s nothing more than a person who calculates against him。Recently, I heard that Ding Zhenyu and Chen Limu gave part of the equity to someone who is not their biological person.—Ye Xingkong,Upset。So I went to Zhang Cheng to discuss countermeasures。
Gift of shares,Chen Limu discussed with Ding Zhentian in advance。So when Ding Keyu found his father Ding Zhentian and asked why he gave the equity to an outsider,Ding Zhentian became suspicious:No, this kid is really as Chen Limu said,Is it related to Ke Lan’s accident?。
He promised Chen Limu not to tell Ding Keyu about the fake gift,Then keep your promise。
now,Ding Keyu is really aggressive“Xingshi asks crime”。
Ding Zhentian said something serious,High hopes:“son,You are father’s son,I won’t treat you badly,Listen to this sentence。”
Ding Keyu figured out,I don’t know the meaning:Could it be that there are also my shares,And give me,Does the timing mean??That’s it,Why should I fight。
but,Ding Keyu still asks Ding Zhentian:“dad,I hope our Ding family has struggled for the property,No point should be given to outsiders。Besides, Xiaoma gave him part of his stock,dad,You don’t mix。”
Ding Zhentian shook his head meaningfully,Pretend“Helpless”Look like,Seriously said to Ding Keyu:“This is a little compensation for your little mom。”
After listening to such convincing words,Ding Keyu doesn’t say anything anymore。But a dark thought rose from the heart,The muscles on the right side of the face squirm,Laughed far-fetched。Why don’t you buy personal love for your father,So I said smoothly:“I respect my father’s ideas。”
So and so,So there is the plan discussion between Ding Keyu and Zhang Cheng above。
Ding Keyu has two bottom lines in life:Who robbed him of women、Grabbing property is no good,And Ye Xingkong happened to be the one who touched his two bottom lines。
Since Ye Xingkong participated in the Entrepreneur Alliance and related activities,Unintentionally“Outstanding performance”Left a deep impression on entrepreneurs。
Sheng Blu-ray is the career that Ding Keyu intends to devote all his life to。at the moment,Many companies that once worked together,No longer looking for Sheng Blu-ray,Instead, I found a new partner company outside the Sheng Blu-ray store。
This makes Ding Keyu very upset,Also took some measures to save,The result was counterproductive。Old shareholders’ dissatisfaction with him、The partner company’s decisive departure,Sheng Blu-ray TV business stays in place,Not going forward means going backward,Economic trends fell for a while。
Some old shareholders went to Ding Zhentian to come out。
Ding Zhentian believes that his son will be able to reverse the situation,Let the old shareholders give him some time;Second come,He is down on personnel,Retreat from the rapids after success,Enjoy life。Also to comfort old shareholders,Life is short,Why not let go for comfort,Young people naturally do things like young people,Just in case,Sell shares,Retreat。518Chinese website
Old shareholders not only can’t move Ding Zhentian,On the contrary, Ding Zhentian’s unambiguous encouragement was beyond words,The old shareholders who came to lobby were disappointed with different wills,Angrily back。