Looking at Zhu Shiyao’s back,The corner of Guo Enting’s mouth moved slightly,Then he let out a long sigh of relief。
“brothers,Your appetite is real beef!Not picky eaters!”
When Guo Enting sorted out his mood,When a young boy dressed up as a dude passed by him,Thumbs up to him……
Chapter One Hundred and Forty Six A home away from home member
Since the last time I was rejected in the cafeteria,Lu Cheng has always been depressed,Even in the experimental field where I am best,Lu Cheng also makes mistakes frequently。
Lu Cheng didn’t know why the mentor who liked him the most before began to stay away from him,I don’t understand why it takes so long before I get enough benefits for Han Genji.,The latter gave himself two gift boxes。
The speed of this world is changing too fast,Lu Cheng didn’t know how to keep up with it.。
I heard that Han Genji made troubles last time,Lu Cheng was worried for a while at first,Afterwards, it gradually calmed down and no one asked for trouble,Lu Cheng was relieved now,Until his cousin Lu Hao returned to Wanghai University as an exchange student,Only then did Lu Cheng gradually regain his former confidence。
As a vassal enterprise of the Magic Capital Li Family,In recent years, Lu Hao’s father’s company has become more and more prosperous,And Lu Hao’s temper is also rising。The children of rich people are not dude,What kind of child is it from a rich family??
After returning to school,Under the introduction of my cousin Lu Cheng,Lu Hao learned a lot of news that he didn’t know,After all, after every freshman enters school,There will still be the existence of stirring up the situation,Lu Hao is nothing more than that,Someone dared to bully his cousin,That’s another matter。
Although the matter has come to an end,But Lu Hao’s heart is still planning to find a place for his cousin,Thing thrown in front of all classmates,Naturally, I have to find it in front of all my classmates.!
Just for the new year party,After Lu Hao saw Xiangyang’s dance,,Suddenly feel that even if he is a cousin who has a good relationship with him,Can also be put aside at this time。
I find out that Xiangyang and they will celebrate at home,So Lu Hao brought his cousin over to join in the fun。But never thought,I went upstairs and haven’t found the dancing girls,Lu Hao and Lu Cheng saw the picture of Guo Enting embracing Zhu Shiyao in his arms。
In an instant, I felt like my eyes were stuck with a chili pepper,In pain,Lu Hao’s admiration for Guo Enting also arises spontaneously。
“Really awesome,So greasy pork belly, go to the mouth!”