Noon is here soon,The whole building became deserted again for a while,This is fast-paced work efficiency,If you go slow,It means you can’t eat。
I woke up late anyway,Xia Jian doesn’t feel hungry,He wants to save the noon meal,Then finish the work at hand。When Xia Jian was busy,The phone on the desk rang。Xia Jian saw that Tie Li came here,Picked it up。
“Come to my office!“Tie Li hung up without waiting for Xia Jian to answer.。
On the coffee table,Two boxes of lunch have been arranged,Doesn’t seem to be a lot,But when I look at the dishes, I know it was delivered by the hotel,It’s definitely not made by the food stall outside。
“Eat first!I knew you were a slacker,Not too lazy in the afternoon“Tie Li said,So he pushed the box lunch in front of Xia Jian。Then I poured Xia Jian a cup of tea。
Can you not eat if you have rice,Xia Jian said nothing,Eat it,It tastes really good,For Xia Jian,This point is indeed less。
In order not to let Tie Li see that this meal is not enough for him,So Xia Jian tried to eat slowly,Until he saw Tie Li almost finished eating,He ended the battle in twos or twos。
Tie Li cleaned up the mess on the coffee table very quickly,Then asked with a smile:“Talk about it!Why are you leaving?,Which piece makes you uncomfortable?“
“I’ll tell the truth!I am not after this job,But want to meet the big beauties of Yunmao Group,Tie Li, nicknamed Iron Lady,Only second“Things got to this point,Xia Jian can only tell the truth。Of course who is he,What is he here for,Can’t say this。
Tie Li smiled and said:“I saw it a long time ago,A capable person like you,Definitely not for a deputy manager of the planning department。Are you disappointed??I didn’t let you succeed,You turn around and leave“
“What did not succeed,This is not good“Xia Jian tried his best to defend himself。
Tie Li smiled and said:“There is no cat in the world that does not steal fishy,This sentence has almost become an axiom,So don’t be embarrassed。Most of you men think about problems with your lower body,But you overlooked a little,Why am I so concerned by others?In addition to having a nice appearance,I’m not a casual person“
“Ha ha!Pull away。Even a game!But I can meet you,I’m worth it。If it causes you any trouble at work,Please forgive me,Who told you to look so beautiful?“Xia Jian’s lipstick practice is extraordinary now,In a few words,So he pushed the problem to Tie Li’s beauty。
Tie Li smiled and said:“What trouble can I have at work,One more recruit is。Just i want to ask you,Don’t you want to stick the needle you gave me??Like you said,At least one week,Am i not letting you go to bed,The needle is gone?”When Tie Li said this,,Blush on the white face。
Thus,It made Xia Jian embarrassed,He hurriedly smiled:“how could be?Although I’m not working at Yunmao,But we can still be friends!You can’t stop your needle for a day,Must finish a course of treatment,If things happen, your pain will be for nothing”
Tie Li stood up,She opened the curtains,Look into the distance,It’s been a long time to say:“You are simply not human,But a devil,Any woman meets you,All that is left is hurt”
Xia Jian didn’t speak anymore,But left silently。Because he knows,Once you get involved in this relationship,There are so many things that can’t be said clearly。