Chapter 56 Your Savior,Wang Teng is here
Looked in front of you for a while,Now,Wei Shasha was very excited。
If these people really steal her phone,I don’t know yet,What will happen。
So something like this,From now on,In fact, it is totally necessary to solve this problem。
And see here,not far away,A voice,Suddenly sounded。
“Humph,I see who dares。”
Finished with this voice。
Originally others,I plan to take advantage of this opportunity to start。
But here,These people stopped completely。
Now,These people are all looking at this side。
obviously,For this,Actually, they didn’t expect this at all。
And looked in front of you,Now,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,these people,It’s all here to make trouble。
At this moment,Li Chaopeng’s heart,A little worried。
After all, these people brought by Wang Teng,All of that kind of burly,At first glance, it is not a general。