[Important Meeting for Important Time Nodes] The world is experiencing a big change in the past 100 years, and the system competition is an important aspect of comprehensive national strength. The system advantage is an important advantage in winning strategic active. What kind of political system is implemented in a country, what kind of development path is, is a major issue of relations with national prospects and people’s happiness.

  At this meeting, General Secretary profoundly pointed out the system advantages of our people’s congress system and the significance of the development of human political system: – The People’s Congress system is in line with my country’s national conditions and practical, reflecting the nature of socialist countries, and ensuring the people The President, the guarantee system to achieve the great revival of the Chinese nation.

  - The People’s Congress is the great creation of our party leading the people in the history of human political system, and is a new political system with great significance in the history of my country’s political development and even world political development. For more than 40 years, the reform and opening up for more than 40 years, the People’s Congress provides an important system guarantee for the party leaders to create "two miracles", which shows powerful forces in socialist modernization. In 2021, the Communist Party of China welcomed the 100-year-old birthday, and my country embedded a new journey to comprehensively build socialist modernization countries to go to the second hundred years of struggle. In this important time, the central government convened this important meeting of my country’s fundamental political system, the new era development, the socialist democratic politics of socialist democratic politics, and its importance is self-evident – stepping on the new test of the second hundred years of struggle The road to bring together and excite the magnificent power of 1.4 billion people.

As General Secretary has emphasized, "Do not shake, keep up with the times to improve the people’s congress system, strengthen and improve the new era of people’s Congress", "" To continue to promote the people’s democratic construction of the whole process. " The words of the general secretary sound: "We must adhere to the road of socialist political development of Chinese characteristics, adhere to the system of the people’s congress, strengthen and improve the work of the new era, and constantly develop the people’s democracy, consolidate and develop vivid, stable and united. Political situation. "[To strengthen and improve people’s work in the new era] The people’s congress system is an important part of the socialist system of Chinese characteristics, which is also fundamental political system that supports China’s national governance system and governance.

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China New idea of ??new ideas. In September 2014, General Secretary issued an important speech at the 60th anniversary of the National People’s Congress to show: "Under the new situation, we must not shake to adhere to the people’s congress system, and we must keep up with the times to improve the people’s congress system. "Modify the National People’s Congress to organize the law, improve the legal system of the People’s Congress, and the operation, etc. System, etc.

  How to ensure the implementation of the constitution, how to strengthen legislative work, how to give a good supervision of the NPC with the Constitution …… this meeting, the general secretary from six aspects of the new era of the times improve people’s congress system, strengthen and improve the work of the NPC explicit request. · Full implementation of the Constitution, safeguard its authority and dignity. · Accelerate the improvement of the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics, in order to promote the development of good law, good governance safeguards.

  · The Constitution gives a good supervision of the NPC, the implementation of proper supervision and effective monitoring, supervision according to law. · Give full play to the role of people’s deputies, some people do call, I should have.

  ? Strengthening political organs awareness, strengthen self-construction Congress.

  · Strengthening the Party leadership over the overall work of the NPC. General Secretary clearly a new era strengthen and improve the work of the NPC’s guiding ideology, important principles and major work to strengthen and improve the work of the NPC indicate the direction for the new era. Of people’s congresses and their standing committees to strengthen self-construction, general secretary in his speech the need to become "Four Organs" requirement: to become consciously uphold the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party’s political institutions to ensure that organs of state power of the people are the masters, comprehensive assume the duties of the Constitution the law of the working bodies, and always maintain close ties with the masses representative bodies.

  [On the "whole process of people’s democracy" profound interpretation] November 2, 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out clearly in Changning District, Shanghai Hongqiao streets of Old North Civic Center: "We are taking a political development road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, people’s democracy is a whole process of democracy. " In an important speech on the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of China to celebrate the General Assembly, the General Secretary Xi Jinping people standing history of creating highly, stressing that "the whole process of the development of people’s democracy", issued a mobilization order to open up my country’s socialist democratic political construction of a new journey. Unlike all kinds of Western bourgeois democracy, the whole process of people’s democracy is the essential characteristic of socialist democracy, embodies the constitutional principle that all power belongs to the people, reflects the fundamental purpose of the party serving the people wholeheartedly. Why Chinese-style democracy is "the whole process of people’s democracy"? At the meeting, the general secretary of the People’s Democratic whole process had a profound explanation – the whole process of our people’s democratic system not only complete the program, and has full participation in practice. Our whole process of realization of the people’s democratic process and democratic achievements of democracy, democratic procedures and substantive democracy, direct democracy and indirect democracy, people’s democracy and national unity of the will, the whole chain, comprehensive, full coverage of democracy, is the most extensive, most true, the most effective socialist democracy. How to evaluate a country’s political system is not democratic and effective? General Secretary had eight "can" elucidating use.

A country democratic and undemocratic, what to measure? General Secretary clearly pointed out at the conference: "The key then is not truly come into their own", and proposed the "four to see, to look at four more" criteria: to look at the people have no right to vote, and more there are no people to see widespread participation; · to look at what people have been verbally promised during the election, after the election to see more of these commitments realized how much; · depends on the system and the law, what kind of political process and political rules , but also depends on these institutions and laws is not really been implemented; · the exercise of power depends on the rules and procedures of democracy, but also depends on whether the real power of supervision and control by the people.

  Democracy is the right of all peoples, not patent a few countries. The growth of a political system, with its roots in the soil are closely related.

Shoes do not fit together, only wearing people know. "A country is not a democracy, should be judged by the people of this country, should not find fault with a few people from the outside to judge." General Secretary, then steady and strong, "Measuring the World colorful political system with a single ruler, with monotonous colorful political vision for the human civilization itself is undemocratic.

"Socialism with Chinese characteristics into a new era, my country’s major social transformation of conflict. In this context, the development of perfect force point the whole process of democracy where the people? People’s Congress system is to achieve an important carrier of the whole system of the people’s democratic process .

Insist on good, sound, and develop the people’s congress system, the entire process is to develop people’s democracy, is to support and ensure that the people are the masters. Continue to promote the people’s democratic construction of the entire process, from the three aspects of the general secretary "Specifically, realistic" practice the whole process of people’s democracy forth requirements – "the people are the masters Specifically, realistically reflect the party of governance policy measures up, in particular, reflect reality at all levels to work all aspects of party and state organs up, in particular, to achieve realistically reflect the longing for a better life working people up "Producer: Zhao Cheng planning: Zhang Xudong writer: Yang Weihan, Rosa Coordinator: Zhang Xiaosong, Zhu Dongju, Wang Xuan visual | editor: Wu Jingjing, Hao Xiaojing Xinhua News Agency Xinhua News Agency domestic unit creates the first studio produced.