"Apple Daily" violates the law, violating the behavior of the conscience, its company and personnel are punished by the law, and there is still a problem that there is still a problem, and now this publication can’t do it.

This is justice, and the people have made the market. However, some politicians in Western countries are quite unwilling to see the anti-chaos of their support failures.

These people hit the so-called "freedom", with the concept of stealing concepts to fight the "basic freedom", attempted to govern the rule of law of Hong Kong in the name of "basic freedom".

This is the active interference of Hong Kong affairs and China’s internal affairs. We must strictly pointed out that some politicians who seriously violate international law and international relations basic guidelines, all of the Chinese people and the world are firmly opposed.

Hong Kong is the rule of law society, and there is no legal issue in anti-chaos.

The so-called "news and freedom of news and freedom" thrown by some politicians in Western countries must not be a referendum that encourages the economic and social order and harms the national security behavior.

There is a law, illegal, and law enforcement will be strict, this is a matter of heaven.

Hong Kong people generally want to maintain economic and social order according to law, actively support through sound rule of law to consolidate and improve the "one country, two systems", and promote Hong Kong prosperity and stability. Such facts are the embodiment of the mainstream civil opinion in Hong Kong, not a few Western countries, some politicians can be filtered out. For a while, some politicians in the Western countries have said three four four-year-old politicians, say three four four, with big "Hong Kong cards" to curb the pressure of China.

The laying of the cover on their face is written with the so-called "news and speech freedom", the world can clearly see the true face of their attempt to destroy the rule of law of Hong Kong.

They can’t see Hong Kong from chaotic and cure changes, and they are more reluctant to accept the inevitable prospects of Hong Kong from cured. It should be seen that the "Apple Daily" has been reported from the beginning of the establishment of the report, and he does not hesitate to transcend the moral boundaries.

The Hong Kong people have long allegedly accused of the report, compile fake news, malicious to conduct personal attacks. In 2019, "Apple Daily" is untrue to incite people’s emotions, and seriously endangers Hong Kong’s rule of law and citizens. The person in charge of the Hong Kong Civil Organization "Apple Holiday News and Toxic News Monitoring Group" emphasized that this newspaper has been playing the so-called "press freedom", and the young people have violated the law, anti-country, anti-government, and even collude foreign forces. The news will inevitably make the news to the end.

People in Hong Kong are also generally called for legal actions. Which country and region in the world can put on news and speech is not legally norms? In the face of this problem, some politicians in Western countries should be carefully supplemented by the legal lesson.

In the United States, the Constitution is clearly not "rumored" "obscene" "threatening", "hatred", etc. Limit; the US Supreme Court will not be "advocated the use of violence or illegal acts", the purpose is to incite or cause illegal behavior "and" it is likely to cause such behavior. "

In Germany, deny the Jewish massacre and in other forms to incite the behavior of certain ethnic hatred, the most weighted 5 years imprisonment; social media platform must respond to user reports of illegal speech, delete or block illegal speech, etc. Social media platforms that are impractical in illegal speech may face huge fines.

In France, through the media to harm the basic interests of the country, abet the crime of crimes, the insults of defamation, and disseminate false messages are inevitably subject to legal sanctions. There is no freedom in confrontation and law in the world. A few Western countries have repeatedly said things on the "Apple Daily" issue, exposing their double standard substance, and exposed their lack of accurate understanding and basic grasp of reality and generalization.

Hong Kong has returned to the motherland for 24 years, and the patriots govern the port is the people’s heart, and it is a general trend.

Minority countries have some politicians attempt to curb China by playing "Hong Kong cards", and the double criteria to curb China, but it is only in vain, and it will not succeed. (Editor: Yu Yang, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.