Must-Read Social Psychology in Interpersonal Communication

Guide: Social networking is a deep learning. After you understand him, you will be able to deal with interpersonal communication.

Only by mastering social psychology can we fundamentally go to interpersonal communication, so that it is easier to grasp in interpersonal communication.

  First, understanding people and human nature is the first step to improving interpersonal communication and mastering successful interpersonal skills.

  Understanding people and human nature can be briefly summarized as DD “identify people according to their nature” and “identify people in their own place”, instead of looking at others with their own eyes, let alone imposing their will on others.

People are primarily interested in themselves, not in you!

In addition, DD is more concerned about yourself than 10,000 times.

Recognizing that “people care more about themselves than you” is the key to life.

  Second, how to talk to others properly When you talk to people, choose the topic that interests them most.

What is the topic of their most scholarship?

It’s them!

Remove these words from your dictionary DD “I, myself, mine”.

Replace it with another word, the most powerful word in human language DD “you”.

It doesn’t matter whether you are personal or not. What matters is whether your audience is personal.

When you and your personality, limit each other and guide them to reset themselves.

This way you can become an employee’s personality partner.

  Third, how to improve and make others feel important One of the most common characteristics of human beings is that DD desires to be recognized and to be understood.

Would you like to be a fish in your relationships?

Then, try to make others aware of their own inherent.

Remember, the more you make yourself feel important, the more others will reward you.

  1. Listen to them 2. Aim and compliment them 3. They should often use their names and photos 4. Before answering them, pause a bit 5. Use these words DD “you” and “your” 6, yesThose who are waiting to see you 7, pay attention to each individual in the group, how to simplify someone, others must never forget that any fool can oppose others, and only wise men and great men will be DD especially when the other party makes a mistake!

“Traditional art” can be summarized as the following 6 points: 1. Learn to recognize and recognize 2. When you aim at others, please say 3. When you are not aligned, do n’t tell them unless you have to do it 4. When you make a mistake, Have the courage to admit 5, avoid the initial 6 with people, correctly handle conflicts and the root of art lies in DD 1, people like people who oppose them 2, people don’t like people who oppose them 3, people don’t like being opposed 5The more you listen to others, the smarter you will become, will be loved by more people, and will become better personality partners.

Of course, becoming a good listener is not an easy task. Here are five suggestions for someone to refer to: 1. Look at the speaker 2. Stay close to the speaker. Listen intently 3. Ask questions 4. Don’t interrupt the speaker.Topic 5, using the speaker’s personal name DD you and “your” VI, how to improve others in a gradual manner. The first step for someone to follow your intentions to do things is to motivate them to do so (ie what they want).

Tell others what they want to hear and they will be moved.

You simply have to explain to them that after doing what you ask them to do, they get what they want.

The way to “know what people think” is to observe more and listen more, plus your unremitting efforts.