Activate 6 health points to benefit you a year later!

Original: Xiaofang This is a society that talks about money. There are always some friends who want to “get something big”, gather together, and like to discuss investment and business.

Regardless of the amount of money in the pocket, everyone seems to be dissatisfied with their income, and plans to plan for the “next step” in their hearts.

Investing in health is a matter of zero-risk, high-return, believe it or not.

The real health of moxibustion is not bought by money, or a good habit. Before the beginning of today’s text, I will first say a few objective facts: 1.

In the name of Western medicine, there are many common sudden illnesses. These diseases cannot tell the specific causes. Doctors can only mention the approximate scope;

Anyone who has experienced a serious illness asks what he wants to do most, or what regrets, the answer is basically nothing to do with “money”, and those things or wishes that you want to achieve do not need to spend a lot of money to complete;

We all like happy emotions, but we are also used to suppressing our own reset moods: anger, grievances, grievances, stress, all accumulate in the body. Do you think that these emotions do not harm the organs?

Emotional management ancestors wrote in the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics”: sad lungs, angry liver, happy heart, thinking of hurting the spleen, fear of hurting the kidney (this is not financial, just the meaning of finance).

Everyone can’t arbitrarily understand that “lung, heart, spleen, kidney” only represents an organ, and even more than one-sided: it will only hurt the kidney.

For example: the kidney in Chinese medicine, it is a system, not only the “two kidneys” that are usually said; the kidney is hurt: the kidney is the system. This system includes the spirit of the gods, the voice of the voice, the ears, the sex, the sexFeatures, etc.

In fact, when these oxide emotions are suppressed in the body, they attack the body’s immune system. Therefore, Chinese qualified Western doctors know a truth: the doctor first cares.

This heart, not the heart, but also: emotions, mood, confidence, courage, thinking and so on.

Many people like to spend money to maintain health. In fact, health is a good habit. It is not a paper bill that can be solved. It includes eating habits, self-emotion management, fitness exercises and daily health care methods. Today, smallFang and everyone talk about an important foundation in daily health care methods: acupoint health.

The acupuncture points activate 6 health acupuncture points, which will benefit you a year later.

Stimulate yang, the body’s “pillar and pillar”: easy to take acupoints in the body column: first bow down, there will be an aligned bone at the bottom of the cervical vertebrae, this is the position of the big vertebrae; then follow this big bone, insert the vertebrae, count to the firstThe three fractured vertebrae have a depression to the next point. This depression is the body column.


From the name of this acupoint we can grind it. It is the “pillar pillar” of the human body, which is responsible for the structure of the human bones. Therefore, it is very helpful for children to grow taller.

In addition, it is also known as “children’s life-saving points”, which is very helpful for children’s common problems such as “cold, fever, cough, stomach, and strengthening resistance”.

“Acupuncture Dacheng” article records: “The main column of the main body of the waist pain, epilepsy mad, sly, angry to kill, body heat, rumors, ghosts, children scared.”


The body is in the center of the body, between the two lungs.

Therefore, it is the key position to supplement the body’s yang. The body is full of yang, the spirit is good, the spirit is smooth, and the veins are smooth.

Therefore, the use of body and column points can enhance the body’s physical fitness and improve the respiratory tract and digestive system.

How to use: The position of the body and the acupoint is quite special. It is not easy to touch. The family can help each other. It is recommended to use moxibustion. It can also be used to refer to the needle, and the thumb is pressed, not less than 5 at a time.minute.

Body column 2.

Yang Xin: It is easy to take acupoints at the points of the Yangyang: the points of the Yangyang and the body are relatively close. In the depression below the seventh thoracic vertebra, you can refer to the method of acupoints on the upper body.


As one of the first-aid points of Chinese medicine, the effect of Zhiyang acupoint on heart disease is very obvious, especially for the symptoms of myocardial infarction and coronary heart disease, which can relieve the effects of palpitation, chest tightness and angina pectoris.


The Zhiyang point leads the body to supervise the pulse. When we are angry, angry, sad, nervous and other repetitive emotions, we can use the Zhiyang point to conduct the grooming. When these slight emotions are generated, it will cause the blood pressure to rise, the heart skipping, etc.Response, therefore, timely use of the Yang point to raise the “heart” is a very good way to maintain health.

How to use: Toyang points suggest moxibustion or tapping, preferably with the help of family members; beat a group of no less than 200 times.

To Yang Point 3.

Raising the spleen and stomach: easy to take acupoints from the acupoints of the gods: the role of the navel of the human body: When the navel is a fetus, we are constantly feeding nutrients for us, also known as the “root of life”.

From ancient times to today, people are very aware of the health care application of Shenque.

By stimulating the sacred acupoints, the nerve endings near the navel can move into activity, promote systemic blood circulation, and help us improve the gastrointestinal environment.

How to use: It is recommended to use moxibustion and pressurization.

When taking the precautionary method, put the palm of your hand hot and pressurize it on the navel. You can put pressure on the navel, and you can prevent it once a day for 10 minutes.

Shenque Point 4.
Liver: The Dadeng Point is easy to take acupuncture points: The human body has two Datun points, which are located in the two large female toe nails, and the nails are 0.

1 inch.
Role: Dadung Point is the first acupoint of the liver, and it is also the starting position of the liver. There are many chronic diseases in the human body. We have cured this detoxification plant and can help us solve many health problems.

Especially for friends who have drinking habits, it is necessary to master the health methods of Da Dun points and improve the ability of liver detoxification.

The “liver” on Chinese medicine has a problem, or it causes temper, dry eyes, irritability, dizziness, tinnitus and other symptoms, which will also affect women’s menstruation.

How to use: Da Dun can use the method of “referring to the needle”, and press the thumb with a thumb, no less than 5 minutes at a time.

Da Dun Point 5.

Yangshen: Yongquan points are easy to take acupoints: Yongquan points are located in the soles of the feet; the five toes are bent first, and the half of the feet will have a cross recess. This depression is the Yongquan point.

Role: We all know that “kidney is the birth of nature”, the kidney is responsible for the waist and knees is strong, whether it can be strong, whether walking is strong, whether the eyes are aura, whether sexual ability is normal, and so on.

Chinese medicine believes that there are four people: the root of the ear, the root of the nose, the root of the milk, and the root of the foot. The root of the foot is the root of the four.

The Yongquan point is also the big hole of the foot root. Do you say that the weight of the Yongquan point is not important?

How to use: Yongquan point is used, it is best to cooperate with “hot”, sometimes with hot water soaking feet, massage Yongquan point; each massage is not less than 100 times.

Yongquan Point 6.

Raising the lungs: Acupoints for easy acupoints: There are two points in the human lung and acupoints, which are located under the spinous process of the third thoracic vertebrae.

5 inches is.

Function: Autumn, it is very easy to cause “autumn dryness”, causing respiratory problems. Therefore, since ancient times, people have developed the concept of lungs in autumn; the lungs, located at the highest point of the five internal organs, are very vulnerable to human invasion, and the lungsThe department is also delicate, and forms a respiratory system together with the nose and throat.

By stimulating the lungs and acupoints, basically all the purposes of raising the lungs are achieved: Xuanfei, Jingfei, Yifei, Qingfei, and lungs.

How to use: Acupuncture points are recommended for moxibustion and acupuncture.

When you are awkward, heat your hands first, then both acupuncture points at the same time; not less than 5 minutes at a time.

After the lungs and acupoints Xiaofang postscript: People have 361 acupoints, acupoints are an important part of the treasures of Chinese medicine, not to mention the article, just a few books can not be introduced.

There are similar acupuncture points around each acupuncture point. Therefore, the acupuncture points and compatibility that everyone likes to use are different in some places. Please do not ask why you did not write this acupuncture point.

I hope this article can be used to promote the role of jade, you can post your opinion on the acupuncture points in the comment area and share it with more friends.

The acupuncture points not introduced in this article, please understand!