Figured this out,Song Litao nodded firmly to Sun Yongli。
Seeing Song Litao made a decision,Sun Yongli smiled:“Don’t worry, brother,inrcity,Everyone is on the same boat,I will cover you for everything!”
Song Litao laughed too:“Thanks Lige,Then I call Ding Kun。”
He took out his phone,Dial out number,By the way, hands-free,It means I hope Sun Yongli will participate in the whole process。
The phone rang for a long time before being connected,It was a long time after I heard someone talking:“Song Ge。”
Song Litao smiled:“Is Brother Ding still lying in Wenrouxiang?,I didn’t bother you!”
Song Litao and Ding Kun have a good relationship,The two are not only junior high school classmates,Song Litao also helped Ding Kun a lot。
Ding Kun’s old father was seriously ill once,The hospital issued a critical illness notice,Call Ding Kun to prepare for fun,Later, Song Litao trusted the relationship,Invited experts from the provincial capital,Only saved Father Ding’s life。
and so,Ding Kun has always regarded Song Litao as his eldest brother,Song Litao, is there anything inconvenient to come forward?,Just one sentence,Ding Kun will help him solve it,Very refreshing。
There was a rustling voice over the phone,Then Ding Kun’s words rang:“Where can Song Brother talk?,Why call me if you have time today。”
Normal opening,Song Litao doesn’t know how to call。
Song Litao said in a bitter tone:“Ding brother,Brother, I had some trouble recently,I can only call you for help。”