Nicholas·Malinkov feels that he has been subverted:If India buys British“Sea Harrier”Carrier aircraft,We sell aircraft carriers and carrier aircraft to India’s rival minibuses?Nima,Can the business still operate like this??
“Not right,”Nicholas·Malinkov suddenly reacted:“If Indians change their minds,Decided to purchase our carrier aircraft,The condition is that we are not allowed to sell aircraft carriers and carrier aircraft to minibuses.?”
Chen Geng found out,Nicholas·Malinkov’s mind……Or the brains of these Soviet officials,Is really not suitable for business!
“Let me say that,”Chen Geng said:“We are not thinking about how India will react,We are going to achieve this goal through this:Regardless of whether the minibus buys aircraft carriers and carrier aircraft,We all have to sell carrier-based aircraft to India!They are not just preparing to purchase30Left and rightA@V-8‘Sea Harrier’What?The situation has changed now,Not only are they not allowed to buy‘Sea Harrier’,We must buy more of our carrier aircraft!
of course,If the minibus doesn’t have the money to buy our carrier-based aircraft and carrier,But as long as they want to buy,We not only want to sell aircraft carriers and carrier aircraft to minibuses,Also sell carrier-based aircraft to India。”
Nicholas·Malinkov couldn’t help but dig his ears,He wondered if he had auditory hallucinations,After making sure I heard it right,,Nicholas·A sense of admiration rose in Malinkov’s heart,Feeling:“No wonder you Americans are so rich,Tut……”
“Ha ha……”
Chen Geng laughed twice,To Nicholas·Malinkov sneered:Americans are not a good thing,But are you guys a good thing??
Nicholas who has finished feeling·Malinkov looked straight,Solemnly:“do not worry,I’ll let the people from the Neva Design Bureau come to you……”
Facing Chen Geng’s doubtful eyes,Nicholas·Malinkov says:“other people,I’m worried。”
Chen Gengxin said:Thank you so much for your trust!
First918chapter How to fool people(4000word)
Neva Design Bureau’s attention to this matter,Three days later,Their people came。
Something unexpected by Chen Geng is,Accompanying this gray-haired expert from the Neva Design Bureau,Except Nicholas·Beyond Malinkov,There is even a man in the Gorbachev office。
Chen Geng doesn’t know what this guy’s name is,Boris·Pan Jin and Valentin·Stalyevich never introduced him to himself,But this time I went to the Kremlin,This guy is next to Gorbachev,The identity is obviously unusual。