The doctor screamed out:“okay,okay,The heart beats again!”
At this time Chen Xiu also consumed most of his thought power,If you continue to transport it, you will have low blood sugar,I have to faint,Hurry up, stop sending thoughts。
“I should be able to insist on sending him to the hospital now.?”
“should……it should be OK,but……”
Doctors generally don’t talk too much,Really want to talk about all kinds of unexpected situations,He Rongsheng didn’t let him be long-winded:“Then put him on the roof,Waiting for you on the helicopter,You can get to the hospital in three minutes!”
A sturdy bodyguard beside the gambling king hurriedly picked up Lin Han and ran towards the stairway on the top floor.。
705 When in crisis is when we meet
Lin Han and He Rongsheng、Guo Yingdong is a friend、Partner,Later it became an opponent。
But no matter what,He Rongsheng and Guo Yingdong are also reaching age,The friends around are sent away with the funeral one by one。
If the enemy is gone,They will also have a feeling of sadness,I don’t know when death will take him away。
It’s okay for the two to be selfish,Or a little friendship from the past,They both got on the helicopter and took Lin Han to the hospital in person。
This gambling war of the century,It ended up in this way。
“No show to watch,Let’s go back。He Shouheng also stayed to greet the rich,We won’t mess with him。”Chen Xiu facing Ou Sheng、Li Lili and Gong Daoming said。
“Ok,Back to the hotel。”