Ahao surprised again,Zhang Zhiqiang will personally follow this kind of thing,It’s really rare,But seeing Brother Qiang’s face,He didn’t dare to ask more。
quickly,The two came out and got on a black Mercedes SUV,Driven by Ahao himself。He made a call before the car started,“Notify Ayi to leave,Wait for me at the intersection of National Highway Huiyuan。”
The two were silent all the way,The car quickly drove out of the city,National highway to the eastern suburbs。
Huiyuan intersection isSZA small hub-shaped intersection in the northeast of the city,Is a provincial road、Important intersection of national highways and expressways。Turn left at the intersection and enter the provincial highway,So as to directly lead to Fushan County,But keep going along the national highway,It took about 200 kilometers to drive into Yunshan County in the neighboring province,A poor county covered by almost 70% mountainous land。
There is a temporary stop similar to a rest area about one kilometer from the intersection,There are several green Toyota SUVs parked there,All double flashes。
“brother,Brothers are here,What do you want to order。”Ahao slowed down,Ready to stop by the road。
“No parking,You call to arrange,Just as I said just now。”Zhang Zhiqiang gave a light command,So I leaned comfortably on the back seat and closed my eyes.。
Zhu Lei arrived in Fushan at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon,He doesn’t have to hurry,So I walked leisurely。But it didn’t take long to receive the message,Several off-road vehicles came out from a very inconspicuous back door of Shuitianyishi,Drove out of the county quickly to the northeast。
Zhu Lei delivered the news quickly,Then hurried to a nearby teahouse。Where he wants to meet someone——The owner of Sichuan Restaurant,This person’s name is Liu Hao,It’s a hidden pile buried in the county town by Uncle Geng,Is also an important contact person。
“It’s fast, old Zhu。”See Zhu Lei,Liu Hao hurriedly poured a cup of tea for him。
“Quick hair,Sun Guaizi is faster。Paralyzed,This old bastard really dares to kill him?”Zhu Lei is also welcome,Sit down and drank the tea in the cup。
“Uncle,This old idiot is crazy,Hurry to reincarnate,Not even home。Ha ha,Shuitianyise is empty now。When shall we move?”Liu Hao is very happy,And quickly filled Zhu Lei with tea。