Elderly life science arrangement

The key to the performance of the artist Yang Huasheng is that his lifestyle is very scientific.

First of all, Yang Lao is full of enthusiasm for life and full of confidence.

Whether he is at work or at home, he can reasonably arrange his life.

  The second secret of Yang Laochang’s longevity lies in sports.

He chose to sing the Beijing Opera fitness method, which is unique.

  As the age increases, the human lung capacity will gradually decline, which may induce some respiratory diseases.

And by singing Beijing opera to improve lung capacity, it is very beneficial to human health.

  It can be seen that for the elderly who retire at home, how to arrange good old age is very important.

First of all, there must be one by one, one by one, one by one, one with a normal heart, knowing how to know the regular music; the second is to choose a reasonable exercise, suitable for the elderly, including walking, Tai Chi, Mulan, etc.The amount of exercise should not be too large; the third is reasonable consumption, should be matched with sputum, to ensure that there is enough protein and calcium, each time you eat should be seven full.

The elderly can choose a scientific lifestyle according to their own conditions and environment. Yang Lao’s “use of the brain, the thoughts should be loose, the belly should be empty, the hands and feet should move” is a good level.